Only Us are Left Behind to Face the Reality

Passion Times

23rd January, 2014

Only Us are Left Behind to Face the Reality


Hong Kong people adore Japan, but on a very superficial level: the best shopping areas in Tokyo, Hokkaido crabs and Kobe beef… Indulging oneself in good food seems to be the only reason for traveling. Hong Kongers continue to visit Japan despite the nuclear plant accident, but all they focus on is the good food and good environment – they have learnt nothing about the quality of Japanese. Only a country with soul deserves to claim thriving in the midst of hostile environment. Natural disasters hit Japan often. Every time, when a disaster hits, the triads come out to help; telecom companies provide free mobile phones and services to the affected areas; convenient stories provide food and water to the people for free… No one in Japan would take advantage of natural disasters, they would even queue to wait for their turn to get water. Japaneses’ civilised behaviours and sense of being part of a bigger community, and the fact that they always pull together during difficulties amaze Hong Kongers.

Hong Kongers envy Japanese, but fail to imitate their good qualities. Whenever Hong Kong is in difficult times, it is in Hong Kongers’ blood to immigrate to other countries. Despite the glamorous surface, Hong Kongers are in fact no different from refugees. When there is the slightest problem, Hong Kongers would think of nothing but their own safety. When trouble hits, loads of the so-called pillars of Hong Kong flee to Britain, America, Australia and Canada and hide behind all the problems.

Japanese are not the same, they despise this behaviour. No matter what Japan becomes, they see themselves as Japanese. It is their soil and they are rooted there. The agricultural products are suspected to be polluted by radiation in the northeastern Japan, elders in the area would keep these products to themselves so that the younger generation will be able to have the safe products. This is how united Japanese are and how much they love their country: Thou country and land, I die with thee.

Perhaps Japanese and Hong Kongers both admire the Western world. However, even though the absentee middle class in Hong Kong are not completely absent, they are not rooted for Hong Kong. They are proud to see the downfall of Chinese language amongst themselves and their children, their are proud to be educated in an international school. They eat imported organic vegetables, sip cappuccino, watch Discovery Channel, and persuade themselves that they are “westerners”. They believe their are the elites of Chinese (ethnicity wise) and see China as an “outsider”, hence they feel Hong Kongers have responsibility toward China – the responsibilities are defined by the ceremonial activities, for example the annual 4th June candle vigil in the Victoria Park and their respect for the social movements that always end with failure.

These people have limited knowledge about China’s history, may it be ancient or modern, as well as culture. They seem to have utmost sympathy for China as if it were a third world country, yet turn a blind eye to things that are happening in their neighbourhood. They come across as patriotic individuals who love Hong Kong and China, and often call for tolerance, embracing differences, big love and hate vulgar language. Yet, they casually ignore the fact that the price to tolerate uncivilised behaviours are paid by other people in the society. They have planned to move to a democratic country, so they obviously support democracy – but they only want to take the democracy that someone else fought for without paying the price.

In foreign countries, these Hong Kongers are seen as “Chinese” from the booming superpower. However, they can change their “origin” as they please (Hong Konger, Chinese and British) – the bad DNA Hong Kongers have, in order to to gain the most in different situations.

Another group of Hong Kongers in a way know that they could never immigrate to Europe and the US, but they still want to immigrate to Taiwan. Of course, many of them have no knowledge of the situation in Taiwan, and in their eyes Taiwan is a paradise just as what their Chinese language teachers told them many years ago. The Hong Kong locusts see the democratic system Taiwanese fought for and bleed for in years as a cheap harvest they could pay to get. To these “Hong Kong Chinese” the Taiwanese identity the locals worked to build for years, is simply a fantasy of Taiwan independence. There are plenty of Han Chinese chauvinism, yet they ask Communist China to respect Hong Kongers. Words are cheap. However, they understand, deep down, that once the Tiananmen Square movement was vindicated, there will be no more “things” for them to “represent the public” for.

These former social movement leaders have experienced the golden era of Hong Kong. Democratic return (of sovereignty) and democratic movement against communism are empty words they chant on. Now that their goal of “reuniting with China” has been achieved, democracy is yet and never to come. Let alone protecting the local supply of formula powder in Hong Kong, when Hong Kong is being violated from inside out and the Hong Kongers condemn the culprits are being labelled as xenophobic and discriminate against the “grandpa (a pro-China camp’s nickname for China)” because of its bad history. As long as they hoist the banner of “democratic China”, their reputation will be reinstated – this trick worked on one generation and fooled them to “reunite with China” which washed away the shame of their “motherland”. The tyranny at the door step of Hong Kong is a matter between China and Hong Kong – once they have finished messing about, they will leave as they are always being seen as the cherished professionals and public figures.

They will leave soon: either immigrating to another country or kicking the bucket. Only us, the Hong Kongers, will stay behind to face the reality.

By Lewis Loud


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