People on the Moral High Ground, We are Running Out Blood

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19th January 2014

People on the Moral High Ground, We are Running Out Blood


photo via cc Flickr user bedrocan

The Hong Kong SAR Government can not implement any policies to regain popularity, so the incompetent officials turn to use public funding to seize whatever political capital they could make – a downward spiral in Hong Kong.

The CCP Hong Kong SAR Government’s overarching policy for the grassroots in essence is “import poverty, demonstrate poverty, control the poor and ensure poverty’s longevity”. The middle-class, under this new political environment, is redefined as the “have nothing” group. Of course, they cannot enjoy any social welfare, the worse is within the legislature and government there is not a single political agent that represents the middle-class. 21 pan-democrats issued a joint announcement to support Chinese new immigrants to enjoy Comprehensive Social Security Assistance after moving to Hong Kong for a year (instead of seven years as immigrants of other ethnicity after they gain permanent residency) who completely ignored the needs and frustrations of the middle-class. These politicians hold the attitude of supremacy to educate their voters (about their ideal of achieving utopia) and to influence the new immigrants (in voting for them). These people who stand in the moral high ground conveniently ignored the fact that our blood is being drained.

On one end, the government threatens us that the aging problem can cause serious consequences, but it turns around to build houses on lands that could have been used for building hospitals. As the shortage of medical facilities and doctors grows, it sends more doctors to work in Shenzhen. In this winter, the Red Cross even told the public that there is a shortage of blood.

The people in the social welfare space accuse the people of Hong Kong for discriminating against Chinese new immigrants, but they continuously demonstrate poverty to the public and encourage the grassroots to seek for a materialistic life (the needs to go on holidays for example). This of course triggers the public’s discontent. The elders in Hong Kong with no one else to rely on are the ones that deserve to be looked after the most, yet they are being neglected by the society. Chinese new immigrants who choose to move to Hong Kong on their own freewill. They have made their choice, and this choice must have been made based on something that they admire about Hong Kong. Have the social workers actually educate these new immigrants about being responsible Hong Kong citizens with civil awareness and encourage them to contribute to the society? All the cases the social workers have presented to the public in order to condemn the society have only highlighted the fact that Chinese new immigrants believe that Hong Kong owe them everything.

The new policy address is clearly intending to buy the support of Chinese new immigrants: without having lived in Hong Kong for seven years, these new immigrants will be given the CSSA and low income subsidies. They can also apply subsidies from Community Care Fund, funded by the Legislative Council, this Fund offers subsidies of all sort, for example: school fees, low income and dental subsidies, even subsidies to buy new glasses! On the contrary, many Hong Kongers are contributing to the society – my part time helper, for example, who is in her late 50s, said to me that she learnt that blood donation is a very meaningful thing to do because her younger sister had to do an operation a while back, and now she donates blood on a regular basis.

The citizens and voters of Hong Kong who earn their own living are the inferior group of people. Those who apply for subsidies and benefits fill in their forms, such information are critical to the so-called politicians in Hong Kong – they become a good source of votes when election comes. However, these politicians demand those who are self-supporting their lives to tolerate and embrace the consequences of the continuously expanding population, overloaded education, medical and transportation systems.

Hong Kongers, in general, are still not responding to all these! Those who remain silent always think that they are more well off than some: on one hand, they think politics are annoying, on the other hand, they think that what is happening in Hong Kong does not affect them as they already own some assets and their children are already studying in prominent schools. Some of these Hong Kongers are in fact not that “well off” – they are barely making ends meet. These so-called middle-class Hong Kongers dreamed that there is no need to fight for the rights they deserve as they can still support their own family without asking for help from the government. However, they have to work so hard just to be able to cover the basics: schools places, medical services, elderly homes etc – they have no energy nor time to think of politics.

Here are a few words for the absentee middle-class: China’s colonisation is now in full speed and is taking place in every corner. The British Hong Kong Government spent decades to raise the civil awareness among Hong Kongers, take blood donation as an example. The Chinese new immigrants come from a nation that buy and sell blood – they have no concept about blood donation. However, they are fully aware of the fact that they can get blood from hospital when it’s needed (only difference is, they do not have to pay for it in Hong Kong). Anyone from China can apply for a One-Way-Permit to move to Hong Kong claiming to reunite with their families. A demand for blood larger than supply will become a long term problem, particularly given the the high number of elders coming from across the boarder. Yet, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

A civil society is collapsing, and we are running out of blood. The reality is that there is an ethnic cleansing going on in Hong Kong that does not involve a bloodshed.



2 responses to “People on the Moral High Ground, We are Running Out Blood

  1. The court ruling should mean that all new arrivals in Hong Kong can apply for CSSA, whatever their ethnicity, not just those from the mainland.

    • But the problem is new arrivals from anywhere but China is limited, while new arrivals from China are uncapped and unlimited. But the immigration department places barriers to prevent people from SE Asia to migrate to HK.

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