CUHK Plans to Host Admission Exam in Shenzhen

Apple Daily

26th January, 2014

CUHK Plans to Host Admission Exam in Shenzhen

深圳搞入學試 中大被指染紅

Chinese University’s Department of Physics planned to host its PhD admission test in Shenzhen on 8th February

Conflicts between Hong Kong and China within the academic space intensifies day by day. Chinese University of Hong Kong’s (CUHK) Department of Physics said that since the number of applicants for its PhD programme are mainly from China, it demands all Hong Kong applicants to go to Shenzhen for the admission exam next month, which trigger the fury of Hong Kong applicants. CUHK, however, said yesterday that the department has changed the arrangement allowing Hong Kong applicants to take the exam in Hong Kong.

A Hong Kong student who applied to study CUHK’s PhD physics programme told Apple Daily that the Department of Physics at CUHK planned to host the admission exam for its PhD programme in Shenzhen on 8th February, and Hong Kong applicants have to travel to Shenzhen to take the exam. This applicant resent this arrangement, “To me, Chinese applicants taking the exam in China is acceptable, but why do Hong Kong students have to go to China to take an exam for a Hong Kong university?” He quoted the department that such arrangement was due to the majority of the applicants for the programme are from China.

In response to the enquiry, a spokesperson from CUHK said that the arrangement has been changed and it will be held in both Hong Kong and Shenzhen – Hong Kong applicants will be taking the exam in Hong Kong, whilst applicants from China will take the exam in Shenzhen. The spokesperson also said that the Department will contact all Hong Kong applicants about the change.

Mervyn Cheung Man-ping, Chairman of the Hong Kong Education Policy Concern Organisation, said that CUHK should have arranged this exam to be taken place in Hong Kong and China simultaneously at the first place, and should not only focus on the needs of students in China. Cheung also said that since the number of Hong Kong applicants for PhD are often low, universities in Hong Kong tend to neglect Hong Kong applicants’ needs.

CUHK has been focusing on its China strategy and is currently planning for its Shenzhen branch, which will begin to enroll students this year. The university targets to attract 6,000 undergraduates and 5,000 postgraduates.


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