PLA Plans to Suppress Occupy Central Movement as HK Police

Apple Daily

20th January 2014

PLA Plans to Suppress Occupy Central Movement as HK Police


China’s People’s Liberation Army – the army that pledges their loyalty to China’s Communist Party

China has declared war against all pro-democracy people in Hong Kong! Conflicts between Hong Kong and China has been intensifying over the past 17 years since the handover of sovereignty took place in 1997. It has now reached a critical point – a form of “cultural conflict”.

The number of people in Hong Kong who seek for freedoms, democracy and universal suffrage continues to increase. On the contrary, the iron-handed Xi Jingping is becoming more conservative by day. The nouveaux riches have lost their patience to reason with the Hong Kongers and began to launch a series of attacks in order to remove the individuals, including the Occupy Central Movement conveners, who are defending the core values of Hong Kong.

Communist China has been cultivating popularity amongst the Hong Kong businessmen and the media they control. These businessmen are asked to attack Occupy Central Movement. Some celebrates and princelings from the movie or sports space have also recently joint the party in criticising the pan-democrats. Sai Wan (an area where the China Liaison Office is located in Sai Ying Pun) also started to demand corporates to stop placing advertisements in non pro-China publications, which are the absolute minority in Hong Kong. On the other hand, CY Leung ignored Article 107 of the Basic Law which stresses the financial prudence principal of Hong Kong SAR government and gave out substantial benefits to the low income group in order to rope in support from them – this has put Financial Secretary John Tsang in a difficult position.

However, China’s “united front” and propaganda are not as efficient as its arm force. According to a source close to the decision making officials in Peking, China Central Government established a dedicated headquarter in Shenzhen in the second half of 2013 to deal with the Occupy Central Movement and the “anti-China meddling Hong Kong” individuals. The key members of this HQ are the head of PLA Hong Kong Garrison, the members of Public Security of China (Gongan) and Ministry of State  Security that have successfully penetrated into Hong Kong Police Force. The most shocking information from this source is that the PLA Hong Kong Garrison has already ordered thousands set of Hong Kong police uniform. The source said that if Occupy Central paralyses Central, the PLA will “sort out the chaos” dresses as Hong Kong police.

Although Xi is arrogant and domineering, he is not at all a simple minded individual. If PLA uses violence against unarmed academics and students in broad daylight in an Asian financial hub, it will certainly go onto the front page of New York Times and Financial Times. By then, the foreigners who beat the drum for “China model” would then ask why Peking apply the same violence they applied on separatists in Tibet and East Turkestan on the pro-democracy people in Hong Kong.

It is obvious that Peking is prepared for eliminating the “Occupy Central Movement” with violence when we look at Hao Tiechuan’s comment made in early January, “(according to Basic Law Article 18) the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress has the right to declare that HKSAR is in a state of emergency”. He stressed that in the event of turmoil within HKSAR that endangers national unity or security and is beyond the control of the SAR government”, China has the right to issue an order applying the national law in Hong Kong. Of course, once a state of emergency is declared, PLA can do whatever they want in Hong Kong soil.

Rule of law differentiate civilised and uncivilised. It is Communist China’s usual practice to use perverse logic and absolute power, instead of rule of law, to achieve what they want. Wang Zhenmin, Dean of Tsing Hua University’s School of Law, said a few days ago that it is a must to protect the privileges to nominate Chief Executive enjoyed by the businesses and professional elites in Hong Kong, and he said “protect the interests of the businesses enjoy, defend the development of capitalism”. As an authoritative figure in the most well-regarded law school in China, Wang still seems to lack the modern world knowledge of democracy and rule of law. Communist China’s plan to send PLA to suppress Occupy Central Movement in Hong Kong with violence shows that Xi Jinping has yet to learn the lesson from Cultural Revolution, and is standing far away from universal values.

Willy Lam Wo-Lap

China Affairs Commentator


5 responses to “PLA Plans to Suppress Occupy Central Movement as HK Police

  1. Very important news

    I feel Hong Konger are not yet fully aware that Hong Kong is an occupied country, but I think this will be changed after occupy central demonstration in next july

  2. Thanks to Willy Wo-Lap Lam, whose information on and insights into the mainland have been unsurpassed for decades.

    In sum, the only hope for Hong Kong is international opinion, but it’s a double-edged sword because the mouth-frothing ultranationalists would just love to argue that evil foreign forces are behind calls for democracy and freedom.

    • Thank you for your comment.
      Very interesting point you’ve made here – siege mentality in China, and a few other countries, seem to work magic.

  3. if this is true, the ramifications will be felt all over the world. To unleash the China military on a civilian domestic peaceful demonstration would set a bad precedent.

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