Impossible to Prosecute China Vehicles in Hong Kong

D100 (Online Radio)

19th January 2014

Impossible to Prosecute China Vehicles in Hong Kong


Not possible to prosecute China vehicles in Hong Kong – pray for yourselves Hong Kongers
CY Leung: “Foreigners envy Hong Kong’s large number of Chinese visitors!”
Bottom right caption: A China vehicle parks in the middle of the road, the bus behind is stuck

The majority of vehicles on the road with license plates beginning with “FV” and “FU” are cars of the China government, government departments and state-owned-enterprises. Most of them will be carrying government officials or executives of SOEs. These vehicles are not required to display their vehicle license. If the drivers of these vehicles park illegally, given that there will not be sufficient information about the vehicle, even if the police issues a ticket, Central Prosecution Unit will have to drop the charges, which means it is impossible to prosecute them and in a way these vehicles have privileges in Hong Kong! Since these vehicles are not required to register in Hong Kong and obtain their licenses, they do not have to fulfill the local motor vehicle requirements in Hong Kong – this is why the window transparency of some of these vehicles are far lower than the Hong Kong registered vehicles.

Not just violations of basic traffic regulations, if one of these vehicles does a hit and run and go back to China, the Hong Kong police can never launch an investigation. All policies in Hong Kong related to China are completely under the control of China, and are all focusing on accommodating China’s needs and neglect the needs, livelihood and safety of the people of Hong Kong. Hong Kongers should stay alert and pray.


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