Hao Tiechuen: “Chief Executive Loyal to China’s Constitution” In Line With International Consensus


26th November 2013 (16:45)

Hao Tiechuen: Chief Executive Loyal to China’s Constitution In Line With International Consensus 

郝 鐵 川 : 行 政 首 長 忠 於 國 家 憲 法 屬 國 際 共 識

Hao Tiechuen, Minister of Publicity, Culture and Sports at China Liaison Office, said that Hong Kong must ensure that the elected Chief Executive is someone that “loves China and loves Hong Kong” before a universal suffrage is realised. Hao also said that it is a mainstream international consensus that the leader of a country or a region to be loyal to the country’s constitution.

Hao said that China’s Constitution is the “parent law”, whilst Hong Kong’s Basic Law is the “subsidiary law”. The “subsidiary law” must not overtop the “parent law” because a constitution demonstrates a country’s sovereignty, and China’s Constitution overall must be applicable to Hong Kong.

He also said that although socialism does not apply in Hong Kong SAR, Hong Kongers have the obligation not to overthrow China’s socialist system.


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