RTHK to Show CCTV’s Documentaries on its Three New TV Channels in Jan

The House News

18th November 2013

RTHK to Show CCTV’s Documentaries on its Three New TV Channels in Jan

港台1月中試播3電視頻道 央視紀錄片佔其一

In a press conference this afternoon, Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) detailed the arrangements of its digital TV broadcasting services. Forever Sze Wing-yuen, Assistant Director of TV and Corporate Business, announced that RTHK will begin the broadcasting service of three TV channels on 13th January 2014. The channels will broadcast RTHK produced programmes, press conferences and live Legislative Council debates, and programmes produced by CCTV Channel 9 (documentary channel).

Sze also announced that the three channels are named “RTHK TV 31”, “RTHK TV 32” and “RTHK TV 33”. Channel 31 will broadcast RTHK produced programmes on public affaris, education and culture; Channel 32 will air live Legco meetings and debate and other important press conferences; Channel 33 will relay CCTV-9 24 hours a day.

CCTV-9 began broadcasting on 1st January 2011. The channel shows a large amount of CCTV produced documentaries, ranging from geography, nature, social reality and history.

CCTV-9′ website details the documentaries it aired and some of them can be watched on its website. Some of those documentaries were aired on TVB before, including A Bite of China which was shown on TVB in October 2012. A documentary on the Sino-British Joint Declaration negotiation is also listed on the website, but the programme is produced from a China-centric perspective.

In 1983, the negotiation between China and Britain was difficult. The parties involved in the negotiation had intense debates on the table. Outside the negotiation table, the British exhausted all means to increase their bargaining power, even sacrifised Hong Kong’s economic stability which resulted the “Black Saturday of the Hong Kong stock market”. It was a chaos in Hong Kong  then, everyone was very worry. At the critical point when the negotiation was about to fall through, what happened that turn the whole situation from a fall out to a successfully formed agreement?

(Introduction of “Sino-British Negotation on Hong Kong”)

Forever Sze: May Consider Purchasing HKTV’s Programmes

CCTV-9 also announced recently that it will broadcast a 6-episode long documentary series about Xi Jinping’s father Xi Zhongxun. Sze stressed that RTHK will follow its guideline of “editorial independence and express views without fear or favour”

RTHK’s motto ‘editorial independence and express views without fear or favour’ is not only listed in our employee handbook, but also in our charter. This is a promise RTHK gives to the public, a solemn promise. We follow this motto and will continue to do so.

When asked if RTHK would consider purchasing programes produced by HKTV,Sze said that RTHK purchases programmes from other production companies, and will always consider purchasing any good quality programmes that are suitable for broadcasting to the public.

RTHK’s Director of Engineering Leung Chi-wah said that TV users that are within the coverage of the broadcast stations should be able to watch all three channels by having a decoder installed. Leung also said that the four existing broadcast stations can cover at least 50% of the population in Hong Kong. After the three new stations begin operation, around 75% of the population can be covered. RTHK will build more stations in the near future with an aim to cover 90% of Hong Kong TV users.


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