Parent of Anchor Baby: Without China, Hong Kong Would Have Rotted

Apple Daily

17th November 2013

Parent of Anchor Baby: Without China, Hong Kong Would Have Rotted


“Hong Kong SAR Government let us in, so they have to give us school places!” Parents of anchor babies across the boarded have started groups on QQ (instant message software) and WeChat, including “Anchor Babies Group” and “Co-Op for Cross Boarder Students”. Messages in these group are likely to infuriate the conflict between Hong Kong and China, for example, “the old people in Hong Kong in the future will have to rely on our children to survive” and “without China, Hong Kong (literal translation of Hong Kong is “fragrant harbour”) would have become a stinky harbour!”.

With over 200 active members, “Anchor Babies Group” have recently started to focus on discussing the admission programme and transportation arrangements of Hong Kong kindergartens. Some anchor baby parents complain that rent in Hong Kong is very expensive and they are being disliked by others. “Giving birth in Hong Kong is purely for Hong Kong’s education, other things (in Hong Kong) are worthless”. An anchor baby mother said that if the parents of the anchor baby emigrate to Hong Kong, all problems would be resolved. A Hong Kong netizen who read about these messages responded, “granting you an individual tourist visa, you come to Hong Kong to give birth. Now that the baby is born, you demand a school place in Hong Kong. Once the school place is secured, you want to get citizenship for you and your spouse. Once you gain the citizenship, you want to get social benefits too.”

Recently, a kindergarten teacher was allegedly tapped an anchor child. Parents of one of the groups organised a protest outside the kindergarten. As soon as the school learnt about the protest, it arranged the relevant teacher and parent to meet, the parent said in the group, “I forgave her after she poured her eyes out.”


One response to “Parent of Anchor Baby: Without China, Hong Kong Would Have Rotted

  1. I think HK was doing pretty well without people abusing the system, who don’t even pay taxes there but in Mainland China and still demand things from HK just because they sneaked their pregnant bellies there

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