If you are not part of the solution, you must be part of the problem

Apple Daily

16th November 2013

If you are not part of the solution, you must be part of the problem


– Long See Production

Tanya Chan Suk-chong said in her recent article “We Are All Guilty for Her (Hong Kong) Fall” that a taxi driver started venting his anger over the pro-China camp and Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions, especially Chan Yuen-han voted no during the legislature meeting about invoking Legislative Council Powers and Privileges Ordinance to investigate the new free-to-air TV license issuance, “Chan Yuen-han always claims to be siding with the work force, but changes her side as soon as she needs to vote at the Legco!” Tanya Chan then asked this driver, “are your a registered voter?” Driver said, “Ms Chan, you have been on my cab before and you asked me the same question. My answer is the same, I am still not a registered voter because I do not see any point in registering.” Tanya said in her article that “I got very annoyed. You know right from wrong, but choose to remain silent and sell your soul to the devil, and gossip about the issues that involve injustice, but give up all your rights at the key moment during elections. It is the silent majority that helps the pro-China camp to flourish in the legislature!”

Some HKTV staff and former staff claim that it is their first time to take it to the street. In response to this statement, some said, “there have been so much injustice in Hong Kong, you have remain silent. Now that you decided to participate purely because your self-interest is involved!” Are those who never take action in social injustice ‘contribute to the fall of Hong Kong’?”

Gary Fan Kwok-wai recently urged the Hong Kong SAR Government to put Hong Kongers first when formulating policies, but the motion was voted down at the legislature. His motion is in fact common sense. Every where in the world, including cities and provinces in China, always put the local ahead of non-locals, because the locals contribute to the local society and pay tax to the local government. Fan’s motion is about reducing the quota of new immigrants from China and take back the approval right on One-Way Permit. The legislators who objected this motion said that we should not blame the social issues on new immigrants and criticised Fan’s local-first ideology polarise the society. 22 of the pro-China camp and pan-democrats called for a press conference with a theme of “anti-discrimination, anti-polarisation, anti-exclusionism”, and condemned Fan and Claudia Mo who raised the above motion to reduce the quota for new immigrants, and said that they are “the shame of Hong Kongers”. The reason they was was that they support family reunion. As a norm, no matter where you want to emigrate to in order to reunite with your family, your application will be submitted by your relatives who live in the country you want to emigrate to. The application will also be evaluated and approved by the local government. The deformed policy in Hong Kong is that the application from immigration applicants in China is evaluated and approved by China. The Public Security Department has the right to determine the 150 quota every day. There is no way for Hong Kong to know how corruptions are involved in the process and how many China Communist Party members are “approved” to emigrate to Hong Kong. Those who use the excuse of “anti-exclusionism” but in fact are discriminating against the local Hong Kongers are the ones who betray the interest of Hong Kong and their actions have contributed nothing to their so-called “family reunion” believe.

Since the handover of sovereignty in 1997, over 800,000 new immigrants from China have moved to Hong Kong, which fundamentally shaken the population structure of Hong Kong. Chip Tsao said in his interview with Hong Kong Economic Journal on Tuesday, “I am so pessimistic that I do not think universal suffrage will save Hong Kong. It is too late! Sending those brainwashed individuals to Hong Kong guarantees that a leader who has the best interest of Hong Kong in heart will loss in any democratic election. You are confident that you can educate them? Maybe that’s possible ten years ago, but not anymore, simply because there are many Hong Kongers who proactively betray Hong Kong.”

The freedoms in Hong Kong are eroding. Hong Kong SAR Government has become an authoritarian leadership, administration bodies in Hong Kong are working against the people’s will, pro-China camp obeys to China only. Communist China’s interference in Hong Kong internal affairs has transformed from discretely to explicitly. China’s mouthpieces label the opposition in Hong Kong as “contemptible wretch” and say that “the only way to handle contemptible wretches is iron fist, iron fist and more iron fist.”

Despite the resentment against the blatant violation of one-country-two-system and the imperialism attitude of the China mouthpieces, one must admit the “contemptible wretch” comment is somehow accurate. It is not only the pan-democrats, but also the ordinary citizens in Hong Kong share the same trait. Many Hong Kongers do not have the guts to stand up against Communist China’s iron fist, once they bend over backward for the slightest benefits. They do not register to be voters, they never vote, they do not protest, they do not fight. They turn a blind eye to all the social injustices and Communist China’s blatant erosion of Hong Kong. The latest survey shows that the percentage of people who support Occupy Central to fight for universal suffrage dropped to 25% whist those who oppose the movement went up to 55%. Giving up the fight for democracy and universal suffrage is in fact opening gate that has been built to safeguard Hong Kong and allowing allowing the invasion of evil power. Before you condemn Communist China, the Hong Kong SAR Government and CY Leung, you must first realise that you’re also responsible for all the problems in Hong Kong nowadays.

As the saying goes “If you are not part of the solution, you must be part of the problem”. What is the answer to all the problems? To establish a democratic election system that safeguard freedoms and rule of law. What is the core problem of Hong Kong? All the issues that leads to the downfall of Hong Kong. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem. We shall not blame all these problem on CY Leung and the Communist Hong Kong Government. Everyone of Hong Kong has contributed to all these problems. Today, if you do not exercise your right to vote and your freedoms to demonstrate, but only hope for someone else to do them all for you, you are in fact part of the problem. Today, if you still fantasise that the leaders of China, where the rich and those in power control everything, would be kind to initiate political reform; or fantasise that Communist China would grant Hong Kong real universal suffrage or replace CY Leung because of his incompetence, you are in fact part of the problem.

Democracy is always local democracy, all developments should put the interests of the locals as their priority, autonomy is always a system that put the locals first. Those who are “contemptible wretch” in Communist China’s eyes are part of the solution, but those who betray Hong Kong and step back to watch the fall of Hong Kong without doing anything because of their self-interests are part of the problem.

Lee Yee – Public Affairs Commentator


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