Free Market Won’t Tolerate Smugglers

Yahoo Hong Kong

5th November 2013

Free Market Won’t Tolerate Smugglers


The Basic Law granted Hong Kong autonomy, which should be sufficient for Hong Kong to defend itself from the erosion of China, if universal suffrage (for both legislature and Chief Executive) is implemented in Hong Kong, its power to defense itself will be stronger. Basic Law was established in the 80s during the Sino-British negotiation, which in a way showed the openness of the China leadership back then. However, the only barrier that is stopping Hong Kong from reaching democracy is the joint hegemony between Hong Kong property conglomerates and Communist China. Neither of these groups could offer any persuasive excuses to reason with the people of Hong Kong to believe in their claims and stand beside them. Hence, property tycoons and Communist China had to rely on the so-called democrats and pseudo left wingers in Hong Kong to “persuade” the people of Hong Kong.

There are two different types of “persuasions”:

1. The pseudo right wingers in Hong Kong who in fact pledge their loyalty to the tycoons promote the “free market” theory: they encourage and promote that smugglers should not be stopped when they smuggle formula powder (China imposes import tax on foreign import formula powder) and claim that speculations in property market should not be regulated

2. The pseudo left wingers in Hong Kong (often referred as “left plastics”) promote the theory of “helping the weak” and urge Hong Kong people to treat smugglers and new immigrants as the “disadvantaged” and offer all the tax payers funded social welfare to them, including public housing and social benefits, even encourage them to “tolerate” them for smuggling formula powder across the boarder (a specific quota is in place for each market depending on the forecast birth rate)

Their “theories” are neither left wing nor right wing, but are theories that essentially betray Hong Kong:

1. Free trade principle only applies when two free markets trade. China is not a free market, from currency to trade. Buying from Hong Kong, a free port, and selling in China is smuggling (because of the import tax in China), is contradictory to the foundation of free market. Is Hong Kong a free market? Based on the restrictions and control over land prices and licensing, Hong Kong is not completely a free market. That’s why we should not call Hong Kong a free market, and have to allow “free trades”, but we should ensure the legality of trades.

2. Any left wingers in the world would look after the local disadvantaged, but not the disadvantaged who are backed by an authoritarian but enjoy the benefits as a result of free entry (to other countries) due to globalisation. The new immigrants in Hong Kong from China are beginning to become more and more organised, and are backed and supported by Communist China. They can easily become lobbyists and rapidly penetrate to the local organisations in Hong Kong and become their leaders (e.g. student unions and professional organisations). These people are in fact agents of colonialism sent by the Communist China to invade Hong Kong. A lot of the Chinese tourists’ uncivilised behaviours and their disregard of Hong Kong culture and the Hong Kong people’s feeling show that they are not at all the disadvantaged.


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