The Fall of Hong Kong

Apple Daily

7th November 2013

The Fall of Hong Kong


By Long See Production

“Hong Kongers First” – it should be common sense to consider the local population when formulating policies. No one knows since when this common sense is being labeled as Fascist. There is only 1,000 sq. km of land in Hong Kong but there is no limit on population – that means it is okay to have a population of 50 million, according to the current Hong Kong SAR Government. The official (Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor) who said that there is no limit to Hong Kong population, has all of her family including husband and children living in the UK. After a few years, she could flee to the UK with a Biritsh citizenship in a few years, so she could not care less if Hong Kong falls. She could enjoy the chaotic scene in Hong Kong from afar when she’s sipping her tea next to the Thames. She would thank the British Hong Kong offered her the free pass to safety haven, whilst the chaos in the overcrowded Kwung Tong and Tuen Mun does not bother her.

The people of Hong Kong want to see less new immigrants purely because of the limited supply of land and medical resources, as well as the shortage of kindergarten spaces. Many Hong Kong people think that those who want to “reunite with their families” should reunite up north in China – they found women in China and sowed their seeds in China. Given that China is such a strong country and that 21st Century is China’s golden era whilst Hong Kong and the West are falling, those Hong Konger should “reunite” with their families in China instead of bringing their women and their entire families to Hong Kong. This should be simply common sense.

Some, however, label this as “extreme fascist”. In the past forty years, however, China has been implementing one-child policy. This means that any Chinese woman who carries her second child will be forced to have an abortion. I have a question to ask: is such abortion, which means the right of reuniting with their parents and siblings is being stripped and lives are being taken away, a kind of “extreme fascist”?

Hong Kong people demand a limit on new immigrants is essentially asking those who intend to cross the boarder to give birth to stay put. They will continue to live as an honourable Chinese! No forced abortion is in practice in Hong Kong, no innocent life has been taken either. According to statistics, there were 13,000,000 forced abortion in China every year. Isn’t this worse than Hong Kongers’ “discrimination” against new immigrants?

“Left plastics” (pseudo left wingers) social workers and “scholars” in Hong Kong have selective visions and hearings: their definition of “equality” is full of discrimination. For some reason, they think that the 13,000,000 innocent children in China who were killed every year are not “lives” and forced abortion is not extreme fascist, but Hong Kong people demanding a limit of new immigrants is extreme fascist. Hong Kong people give up their liberty and rights themselves.

No wonder the officials with yellow skin in Britih Hong Kong would send their children to the UK to live in a civilised world on one hand, but happily accept their remarkably high salary in Hong Kong, to live in luxurious houses and watch the fall of Hong Kong on the other.

By Chip Tso, columnist


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