When Hong Kongers Shop in Causeway Bay

Apple Daily

29th October 2013

When Hong Kongers Shop in Causeway Bay


I went to SOGO in Causeway Bay with my friend today, and spent around half an hour at AIGLE. Our short stay was constantly interrupted by Chinese tourists*: they asked us if we had membership card and if we could share with them for discount. One woman amongst these Chinese tourists even pulled on a random person’s top and asked him what brand it is, how much does it cost and where to get exactly the same top. My friend and I tried on some jackets and were looking into the mirror to see how they look like on us. A group of Chinese tourists started talking loudly and staring at us. As soon as we took the jackets off, they immediately went for them. Can you imagine this type of shopping experience?

My friend is probably a loyal fan of AIGLE and has been enjoying visiting the same branch for years. In recent years, however, the shop is flooded with Chinese tourists. The good old enjoyable shopping experience is gone, what replaced the pleasure is a sense of despise. My friend uttered in surprised, “this is so strange, these people have no idea that they are a nuisance to the others and have no idea about respects of others.” I smiled without giving a response. What he said was the funniest: if one knows how to respect others, one isn’t a “Chinese tourist”. In some people’s dictionary, one’s freedoms are built on others’ lack of freedoms.

We were lucky to have a great sales person, a short hair girl, who politely asked us as she was stopping the interruptions, “how can I help you?” The “free men/Chinese tourists” realised the sales girl’s intention and shouted at her whilst pointing at us, “we were talking to them, it’s between us and them, it’s none of your business!” Facing this kind of situation, one must have substantially high EQ. I feel sorry for the sales people in Hong Kong.

By Ko wai-yin, Columnist

Editor’s Note

Chinese tourists who visit Hong Kong holds a tourist visa are call “Free Tourist” which is often called as “Free Man”


One response to “When Hong Kongers Shop in Causeway Bay

  1. While people from the rest of the world may, after reading this aritcle, say Hongkongers are unfriendly and holding a discriminatory view towards Chinese, I as a Hongkonger appreciate it much as we really have suffered much from the Chinese colonial rule.

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