Chinese Two-Way Permit Woman Charged with Intimidation for Threatening Teacher Blames on Cultural Differences

Apple Daily

29th October 2013

Chinese Two-Way Permit Woman Charged with Intimidation for Threatening Teacher: Blames on Cultural Differences

雙程證婦恐嚇老師 又歸咎文化差異

A Chinese woman who married an over 80 year-old Hong Kong man visiting Hong Kong recently was charged with criminal intimidation and common assault after she made a scene in the kindergarten and threatened to kill the teacher who recommended that she consider sending her five year old son to schools for kids with special needs as the teacher believed that the child has learning difficulties.

The Chinese woman pleaded guilty at the magistrates court  today. Her lawyer, in her defense, claimed that the cause of her crime was caused by cultural differences. The magistrate, however, did not accept the lawyer’s claim about culture in China and believed that it was the defendant’s crime was caused by her personal act which set a bad example to her son. The magistrate ordered the defendant to be detained until her psychological and background reports are received on 12th November, before deciding her sentence. The magistrate also emphasised that in order to avoid sending the wrong message to the public, the defendant may be sentenced to jail.

Xiang Yanhua (33 years old) who is holding a two-way exit permit admitted at the court that she intimidated and assaulted the teacher of her son at a kindergarten in Kwun Tong. Xiang’s lawyer said in her defense that the defendant’s husband is already 80 years old, and that during the crime, her son’s teacher informed her that the boy may have learning difficulties and recommended her to consider taking her son to schools for kids with special needs, which the defendant found the teacher was rude. It was a crime of passion and involved cultural differences.


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