DAB’s Wong Chi-keung Suspected of Forgery – Complain Suggests Police Harbours Wong

Apple Daily

23rd October 2013

DAB’s Wong Chi-keung Suspected of Forgery – Complaint Suggests Police Harbours Wong

民建聯王志強涉偽造文書  法團投訴警方包庇

Wong Chi-keung, committee member of the Tsuen Wan Branch of Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB), was exposed to have forged documents to prove that he is the Chairman of the Owners’ Committee of Clague Garden Estate, and successfully applied subsidies from Tsuen Wan District Council. Both the police force and Home Affairs Department are suspected to have harboured Wong for his crime. Clague Garden Estate’s Owners’ Committee filed an official complaint to Independent Police Complaints Council (IPCC). The Committee also plans to complain to the Ombudsman.

In the complaint to the IPCC, the Committee’s treasurer reported to the police about Wong’s forgery, and clearly stated in his statement that “Wong Chi-keung used forged documents to apply for public funding”. However, the police decided to investigate the case as a theft offense, and said that there is not sufficient evidence and refused to prosecute. The Committee also criticised the police for not taking the investigation seriously as it has yet to contact the informant with the result of its investigation, and has never contacted any of the Committee to assist in the investigation. The police office who took the statement mentioned above kept trying to guide him that “Wong Chi-keung only cheated US$30 worth of transportation subsidy from the government”, and repeatedly asked if he has any political party background. The Committee concerns that the police force processes cases with political consideration and is possibly biased in the process of investigation.

The chairperson of the Committee Ko Ho-yee said that the IPCC claimed to refer their complaint to Complaints Against Police Office. The Committee also plans to file a complaint to the Ombudsman and said that should neither of the complaints bear fruits, they may consider reporting to the ICAC.


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