Over 50% of New Immigrants are Unemployed

Apple Daily

23th October 2013

Over 50% of New Immigrants are Unemployed


Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, Secretary for Labour and Welfare, responded to lawmakers’ enquiry that according to the Statistics and Census Department, in 2011 new immigrants’ labour force participation rate is 47.8%, which is lower than the local’s rate. The main reason is that economically inactive population amongst new immigrants is high.

Cheung also pointed out that there were 137,141 new immigrants above the age of 15 in 2011. 52% of them are economically inactive, with half of them are homemakers and around 30% are students. He said that in order to help new immigrants to join the local labour force, Employees Retraining Board offers a number of specialised programmes to train them basic skills and build confidence. Labour Department also runs 14 job and recruitment centres, hotline and websites, that offer job vacancies to new immigrants. Information on these platforms is also available in Simplified Chinese for their easy access.


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