The Origins of Political Parties of Hong Kong

The Origins of Political Parties of Hong Kong

By Midnight Express 2046 協紀辨方

The political environment of Hong Kong in 1960 to 1970 was quite severe.

It was the era of fierce conflicts between the Kuomintang (or Chinese Nationalist Party) with the Communists in Hong Kong. The Cultural Revolution in China was the catalyst to the 1967 Leftist Riots in Hong Kong. As you may know the term “paid thugs” (Note: it means the thugs paid for by the Communists to stir up the riots), you know that is closely connected to the political movements in China. Hong Kong was exposed to the threat of military attacks during the decades of 1960s and 70s. It was rumoured that the British had plan of nuclear counterattacks. Therefore, the Hong Kong people in these two decades were living in the threat of the Word War III.

The pro-democrats and native power were nurtured by the Chinese Communist in their infancy. “The 70s”, an old political magazine in Hong Kong, had been censored by the authority in Taiwan. In the old days of Hong Kong, there was no such thing as “Localists”. (there were only roughly three divisions existed: pro-British, pro-Taiwan/Kuomintang and pro-Communist). The rise of sense of consciousness as a Hong Konger was a recent development since 1970s. It was the time when the identity of “Hong Konger” was born.

The Development of Democrats in Hong Kong

Democrats in Hong Kong shared the same origin from the “Leftists” (In political sense of Hong Kong, it always means “Pro-Communist” and “Pro-Beijing” political view). It was the Tiananmen Massacre which led to their breakup.

That is why we see the Democrats are still chained by their belief, and why they cannot view an issue from the view as a Hong Kongers. That is why I say Hong Kong may take the path of fascism someday. It is a supplement to the impotence of the Democrats in taking side with Hong Kongers.

Tiananmen Massacre led to the breakup of Leftists and the founding of Pan-democracy camp. In the days of British rule, they were actually the Leftists, or to put it more clearly, Communists. Many politicians today were the leaders of labour movements under British rule.

The Development of Leftists in Hong Kong

The emergence of the Leftists was similar to that of Pan-democrats: it composes of people holding different ideas: there are discontented labours, patriots, bandits, speculators, native nationalists, and even prodigals.

Radical leftists have their markets. Whenever there are the poor, there are always radical leftists. In a society where the poor is the majority, radical leftists have large lebensraum.

Radical leftists have not much political power. It is because they don’t know how to organize it.

The Leftists in Hong Kong has long relied on the Chinese Communists to get the nurture of ideology and assistance. Soon they become reliant and lack the power of self-sustainability. How can you succeed without weaning?

New Leftists will soon rise in Hong Kong. They will emerge from the poor. No matter how rich Hong Kong is, there is always good supply of poor people. While the Leftists mentioned in the previous paragraphs, are merely pseudo-leftists.

Karl Marx was actually right in many things with many correct observations. He only failed in making predictions.


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