Conflict of Interests – Interests of Conflict (17 Oct, 13)

Conflict of Interests – Interests of Conflict

17th October 2013

The government might have completely shot itself in the foot when they refused to grant HKTV their TV license. As the Executive Council also refuses to give an explanation to why they came to their conclusion all sorts of theories are going around, which naturally more reflect people’s general anger and distrust towards the government than the actual circumstances.

A massive four hundred thousand people have explicitly expressed their support for HKTV through facebook, four thousand of which say they will attend a demonstration this Sunday organized by Claudia Bowring, journalist and founder of the Civic Party.

It’s a revival of last year’s protests against national education if you so will. Quite possibly it will end similarly too, preceded by a well orchestrated gathering with live music, videos (maybe some exclusive HKTV pre-screenings?), drinks and a night bus service to Mong Kok. It is a welcome opportunity to once again meet, network and
rant in front of the Legislative Council.

I would like to present my own conspiracy theory around this matter as well: The Hong Kong government has been infiltrated with liberal subversive elements who use every opportunity they can to teach Hong Kongers about their political philosophy. Last year dozens of thousands of students came and taught themselves about education, brainwashing and history while we meet again this year at the beginning of the school
year (when exams are not that much on the schedule) to workshop about
freedom of speech, media and propaganda.

We will be getting one of these lessons once a year from now on until we are all individualistic, confident liberal democrats. Thank you professor Leung for leading and teaching by counter-example.

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