Righteous and Peace? You are Traitors of Hong Kong

Follow up on previous article: Concerns on HK’s Overpopulation Being Accused of Discrimination

The House News

11st October 2013

正義和平? 你們只是一群賣港賊﹗

By 盧斯達@無待堂

What have the people of Hong Kong owe you? No society can receive unlimted immigrants for eternity, right? What is wrong with reviewing a faulty system? What kind of organisation Mainland-Hong Kong Families Rights Association (MHKFRA) is? It was a reasonable petition saying that Hong Kong should have the approval right of immigration application. Point out any of the word that “discriminate” others!

Pointing out the fact that there are physical limitation in Hong Kong is a kind of discrimination?  Of course you do not understand nor see any of the sufferings the people of Hong Kong endure. You are a gang of bandits that forces the people of Hong Kong to be Saints. What are you really defending? You are not defending the new immigrants from China, you are merely defending yourselves. You are defending your position to defend those immigrants. You are defending your own bread and butter and place. You are defending your own moral high ground.

Just listen to the mournful cries of the new immigrants and the locals! Look at what Tin Shui Wai is like? For the sake of “family reunion” that comes out from your mouths every second, how many Tin Shui Wai needs to be built in Hong Kong? How many more tragedies you want to see? If those who signed the petition are to gain political capital, you are making political and financial capital* from the Chinese by betraying and destroying Hong Kong.

Chinese are always the minority, anything that involves them is discrimination! You do not have young children that you need to rustle up things for, you do not have to fight with the parents of anchor babies outside kindergartens. Parental love and burdens of a parent is probably something that Jackie Hung Ling-yu** does not understand. In your eyes, it is a sin to be a Hong Konger, therefore, even if we move one of our fingers, you would say it’s discrimination (against the Chinese immigrants), if we say a word, you would say we should be executed. You are honest, nonetheless, as you said “demanding the HKSAR government to take back the approval rights on one-way permit is ignoring the cross-boarder families’ rights for family reunion.”

Our last governor’s prophecy has come true: the fortress is being captured from within. What you support is in fact abolishing one-country-two-systems, and offer the right to erases the Hong Kong race to China. You have admitted it. You have declared war on all the people of Hong Kong (including new immigrants). You wish to be the enemy of the people. Far to honest and zealous that the communists.

Jackie Hung can sympathise Shi Junlong, a murder and arsonist, what else she wouldn’t support and sympathise? The CCP must be thrilled to have an undercover traitor with such moral courage! Every time a China related problem blow up in Hong Kong, you will all rush out to side with China. For the sake of “family reunion”, you object Hong Kong for having its basic right that it deserves – immigrant approval right.

What are you afraid of? Do you think that once Hong Kong has the approval right, there will be no chance for cross-boarder families to reunite? If it is for protecting rights of family reunion, with Hong Kong holding the approval right will only make each approval more legitimate, what is the problem with that? Or is the so-called “family reunion” is in fact a scheme to send unlimited influx of immigrants to Hong Kong, and you all knew full well that people of Hong Kong will never accept, and the approval right must be held tightly by China giving Hong Konger no chance to resist, as a result you can help fulfill the ultimate goal – a complete integration between Hong Kong and China? A bunch of selfish people who use “sympathy and big love” as excuses, and put on a “democrats t-shirt” to betray the people of Hong Kong. They use “righteousness” to package their poison. Have you ever consider the livelihood of seven million people in Hong Kong? Unlimited “family reunion” is put in front of the livelihood of Hong Kongers (including the new immigrants who have already been living in Hong Kong)?

You are merely consuming these new immigrants! The best way to instigate conflicts between two ethnic groups is exactly what you are doing: using deceptive and twisted reasons to defend the privileged position of Chinese. Hong Kongers are too tolerant, we even tolerate these traitors of Hong Kong for years. You have no right to talk about righteousness and peace, because you are a group of people that force others to sacrifice their lives for “kindness”! It is not discrimination to look after oneself before giving to others!

Editor’s note:

* Financial capital: China government offers financial benefits to those who help Chinese immigrants according to numerous rumours and sources. Shi Junlong is an example cited frequently.

**Jackie Hung Ling-yu, one of the key members of MHKFRA, has been supporting Chinese new immigrants, and she was proactively supporting Shi Junlong during the arson case where two were killed. She once said that it was a terrible accident that happened during a protest despite the fact that Shi brought flammable fluid to the protest and was originally convicted of murder.


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