Conflict of Interests – Interests of Conflict Newsletter (10 Oct, 13)

Conflict of Interests – Interests of Conflict

10th October, 2013

Security chief Lai Tung-kwok was asked whether he would please go to
Beijing and in all honesty propose that the PLA of Hong Kong should be
abolished and all their sites turned into residential compounds. The
cool thing about this is that Lai actually was under pressure to
answer and that’s how it somehow turned into a story.
Without needing to tell you what his answer was this story is a good
reminder of how all these issues are deeply political and touch upon
many issues rooted in the complicated but short history of the SAR.
Our government would like to pretend that they are mere technocrats,
picked based on their merits and cooperating hard for the optimal
solution. Even in this case Lai tries to argue that there is a ‘need’
for these barracks, that they are ‘in use’ and essential to our
defense. He could say it as it is, that troops need to be stationed
here to ensure the People’s Republic sovereignty over the territory,
or he could say it the way many feel, that we are being occupied or
something, but he would have to agree that this is a political

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