US$1,100 for A Kindergarten Admission Application Form

Apple Daily

3rd October 2013

Queuing Gang Invades Hong Kong Kindergartens: US$1,100 for An Application Form

排隊黨入侵 幼稚園申請表索價$8,000

“Queuing Gangs” have begun to invade kindergartens in Hong Kong! According to a local Hong Kong mother, queuing gangs are asking for US$1,100 for a kindergarten admission application form. She criticised that the Hong Kong SAR government has done nothing to stop the flood of anchor students (both parents are non Hong Kong residents). She also urges the schools to give priorities to local Hong Kongers to ensure that local students can go to school.

North of Hong Kong is an area affected by the influx of non-Hong Kong students coming from China the most. This created an “opportunity” for the queuing gangs. Ms Wong, the spokesperson of Sheung Shui and Fanling MOMs Club, said that members of the club have mentioned to them about the long queue outside Sum Tung Fook Kindergarten in Sheung Shui, and the majority of the queue are Chinese from China. One man was spotted carrying over a dozen small stools to “queue”. The school, however, did not stop these queuing gangs. Some parents even heard the queuing gangs selling the admission application form at US$1,100 a piece.

“Queuing gang” marks their seats outside kindergarten in North Hong Kong, most of them Chinese from China (the “signs” are written in simplified Chinese, not Hong Kong’s traditional Chinese)

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