Conflict of Interests – Interests of Conflict Newsletter (30 Sep, 13)

Conflict of Interests – Interests of Conflict

30th September 2013

Alex Lo complains in the SCMP that the quest for democracy is far too
much driven by nobility and principle, and far too little by what he
calls “winning and leading”. Lo believes that people do not care about
the Basic Law or ‘international’ standards of democracy and believes
that ‘democracy camp’ should be just a name for just another gang that
with whatever means tries to aim for power, fame and whatever else
might be attached to the iron throne of the Chief Executive.
Lo’s persistency to tell us he finds ‘The Principled’ appalling is
shocking, but rare in its honesty. Most women and men blindly grabbing
power wherever they find it would also portrait themselves as
principled and noble. The only politicians I have come across that
claimed to be in it for the power were those from satire parties. That
might be because it simply does not make sense to argue that democracy
is about anything else than principles. Why respect elections,
election promises, separation of power or freedom of the press if it’s
all about ‘getting things done’ and ‘leadership’?
Politicians generally keep up their facade of principles not because
it is the only thing that saves us, the citizens from them, but
because it is also the only thing that saves them from each other,
from violent intrigues, fraud, blackmail all the way to coup d’états.
We can only look forward to Lo’s column in which he explains to us
what he expects of a democratic leader.

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