Hao Tiechuan: China’s Prepared for Troubles in Universal Suffriage Caused by Britian

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24th September 2013

Hao Tiechuan: China’s Prepared for Troubles in Universal Suffriage Caused by Britian


Hao Tiechuan, director of publicity, culture and sports affairs at China Liaison Office, criticised Hugo Swire in his article published in Hong Kong Daily News today. Hao said that Swire said in his article that “the UK stands ready to support (Hong Kong’s democracy and universal suffrage) in any way we can” is an open interference of Hong Kong’s affairs, it is laughable and overconfident with his capability. “Some Englishmen who are anti-China and want to cause chaos in Hong Kong will not ‘wash their hands of Hong Kong’. We have long prepared for the troubles they will create. Mr Swire, how much storm could you article in a Hong Kong newspaper cause? It is like an ant topple a giant tree (proverb) – overestimate one’s capability!”

Hao spent a majority of the passage to repeat Hong Kong’s colonial history in the 80s, and the last Governor of Hong Kong, Christopher Patten’s “Three Violations”*. He also criticised the British government for imposing Hong Kong Bill of Rights Ordinance (HKBRO) which says that if any laws in Hong Kong that breach the HKBRO, the HKBRO prevails – which essentially offers HKBRO a status above the Basic Law.

In his article, Hao also said that he is not surprised to see the British government to interfere with Hong Kong affairs. He quoted Christopher Patten’s comment on 11th May 1996, “The UK government will continue to interfere with Hong Kong’s affairs for 50 years after 1997, the Chinese would have made a huge mistake if they did not get this… We must not give the impression to anyone that after 30th June 1997, the British will leave Hong Kong behind and wash our hands of Hong Kong!”**

This is the third time Hao has written in a Hong Kong newspaper. In the previous two articles, Hao criticised Occupy Central Movement and condemned introducing civil nomination into Chief Executive election violates the Basic Law.

Editor’s Note:

*A brief explanation of “Three Violations“:
China thinks that Christopher Patten made major changes to the constitution without reaching an agreement with Chinese Government via the Sino-British Joint Liaison Group violated three things:
1. Violated the promise made by the British Government in the Sino-British Joint Declaration: announced a bill on major constitutional change without reaching an agreement
2. Violated the bridging principle of the Basic Law: unilaterally changed the composition of the Chief Executive election committee and the methods for electing the first HKSAR Legislative Council
3. Violated the agreement between the China and UK governments, understanding of consensus and the secret agreements reached between the Chinese and British foreign ministers written in seven letters about the development of Hong Kong’s political system and Basic Law

** This quote was originally in English, but the editor cannot find the clip/footage/report on this exact quote in English. Hence, the English quote here is a translation based on the Chinese language article written by Hao


One response to “Hao Tiechuan: China’s Prepared for Troubles in Universal Suffriage Caused by Britian

  1. Sino-British Joint Declaration, an agreement between the British and Chinese governments, which means the British government has the obligation to MAKE SURE THAT Hong Kong enjoys the same degree of freedoms and have high degree of autonomy for 50 years and that the Chinese government keeps its promises.
    It’s far too late for the British government to say such thing (come on, we can all tell that the Chinese government has been gradually destroying Hong Kong for 15 years!), still it’s better late than never.
    The Chinese government reacts like a spoiled little brat over an article which doesn’t mean anything (e.g. it’s not like the British Government is sending troops to take over Hong Kong). What a joke!

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