PLA Launches Military Exercise in Sai Kung

Oriental Daily

18th September 2013

PLA Launches Military Exercise in Sai Kung

火爆時刻 解放軍四艦西貢演練

As China is outraged with UK and US recent interference with Hong Kong’s internal affairs, four heavily-armed naval vessels of People’s Liberation Army launched a two-day exercise in Sai Kung.

Although the cannons were not pointing at the shore and there was no live fire exercise, there was continuous broadcasting on the vessels which looked like they were practicing formations. PLA’s spokesperson in Hong Kong confirmed that the vessels belong to the PLA, and emphasised that it is a routine training and it is nothing special.

The four naval vessels gathered around 400 meters away from Sai Kung’s Silver Strand Bay. Two missile gunboats, named “Red Arrow”, are 45 meters long with displacement of 520 tons and equipped with two anti-ship missiles and three 76mm ship borne guns. The other two vessels are landing crafts are not as heavily armed.


  • Landing Crafts

The two missile gunboats were at the front as if they were guarding the two landing crafts. The vessels were in a diamond formation and constantly broadcasting messages. A large number of soldiers were on the decks making it an intense atmosphere.


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