The Country Park Battle

Apple Daily

11th September 2013

The Country Park Battle


CY Leung and his cabinet want to build houses in country parks in Hong Kong, and claim that country parks account for 70% of the land in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, the number was incorrect – not 70% but 40%.

Country park lands are regulated by law and cannot be touched hastily. This is a legacy left by the British government in colonial time, or a mine planted by them.

The concept of “country park” is not part of the Chinese “culture”. During the colonial time, there was a Sir Cecil’s Ride up at the Peak: Governor Cecil Clementi loved riding his horse on this countryside path. The Chinese (referring to race) wanted to toady to the governor and named the path “Sir Cecil’s Ride”.

Today, there are debates over the use of country park land. What is more sacred? The country parks legislated by the British or the fact that China currently has the complete power over the immigration policy with 150 daily new immigrants from China, of which Hong Kong SAR government has no right to evaluate and approve?

150 a day, and the policy has not changed since the 80s. It was a policy the Chinese government asked to be granted by the British government, the British did not object. Hong Kong is not a British land after all as it had to be given to China in 1997. Each of 150 daily new immigrants from China can possess no skill, can contribute nothing to Hong Kong’s industrial and commercial sectors, can have no morals and integrity. This can be degrading the quality of Hong Kong’s population yet the Hong Kong government has no right to filter the immigrants. The worst is there is no limit. How many people does Hong Kong need? Five million? Eight million? 12 million? Or 30 million?

With absolutely no “regulation and control” over the quality and quantity of immigrants, one day when all the country parks in Hong Kong will be developed and turned into housing estate and shopping malls, there is still a land shortage in Hong Kong! The basic logic here is obvious, anyone with some common sense could see it through.

The situation now is that country parks can be “developed”, but the number of new immigrants and right to handle the approvals are sacred (no one can challenge or propose amendments) – this is because when you make a comment you will be labelled as “xenophobia”. The “logic” is common amongst the “plastic left-wingers“, which are the social works and academics being categorised as pan-democrats, and the Leung office. This is fun! Something that is simply common sense can become politics when Chinese’ struggle nature is involved. Movie stars and celebrities (in Hong Kong) always say “I hate politics, and stop politicalising everything!” Hence, politics become a “sensitive” term. To the patriotic Chinese, the “country park issue” is about picking a stand on the “colonial governance”, and is not “politic”, but a matter of right or wrong as “a Chinese person”. Chinese have to have the patriotic emotions and mind! You don’t believe me? Go ask Kong Qingdong in China: What are Sit Cecil’s Ride, MacLehose Trail and Wilson Trail? These places are like calling Diaoyu Islands “Senkaku Islands”, did the country actually take Hong Kong back?

Now, there’s drama waiting!

Chip Tsao


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