Men Flipping the Bird Outside Ms Lam’s School – Alleged Retired Policemen Looking Smug in Photo

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28 August 2013

Men Flipping the Birds Outside Ms Lam’s School – Alleged Retired Policemen Looking Smug in Photo

林老師任教校外 有人舉中指 
得戚影合照 傳是退休警

Eight men flipping the bird outside the primary school where Ms Lam teaches. Sources say these men are retired police officers.

Ms Alpais Lam Wai-sze, a primary school teacher, who shouted at police officers over a month ago, has applied for sick leave and will not be back to her teaching position in September when the school term begins. However, Pui Ling School of The Precious Blood, where Lam teaches, has turned into the battlefield between pro- and anti-Lam camps. A picture that has been circulated amongst the disciplinary forces in Hong Kong recent days shows a number of allegedly retired police officers flipping the bird outside the school with a broad smile. The school calls an end of the incident.

A request posted on (HK Police Forum) asking for the address of the school Ms Lam teaches. A reply providing both the address and map.

Taken in front of Pui Ling School of The Precious Blood, the school where Ms Alpais Lam Wai-sze teaches, a picture shows eight men in their hiking outfit all expressing their displeasure and looking complacent with a backdrop of a Virgin Mary statue. Sources said that these men are retired policemen and it’s not the first group of people who’ve “expressed” discontent with Ms Lam outside the school.

Sources also said that the photo was taken in the morning of 27th August, and was circulated amongst disciplinary forces. Some who’ve seen the photo are disgusted and said that people should not disturb the school for Ms Lam’s personal issue. Some also said that although it’s not appropriate to swear (referring to Ms Lam saying “what the fXXk” at rage), but police swears all the time, there is no reason for the non-stop attacks and pressuring the school. Some expressed that people should focus on the police’s uneven-handed manner in dealing with situation rather than on a teacher using the four-letter-word.

Sister Wong Mei-mei from Sisters of the Precious Blood, School Education Division said that the school is not aware of the photo, but this will be discussed with the school principal. She wishes the incident to be concluded soon, so that the students can start their new school year with peace, “this is an adults’ issue, and should be taken care of by the adults. The school is innocent, so are the children. Hong Kong is indeed sick, and (I) hope these people will not visit the school (because of this incident).”

In (HK Police Forum), a forum that allows non-member to “communicate with the police”, posts were found since 11th August to initiate protest outside the school on the first day of the new school year (2nd September) by repeating the same phrase Ms Lam said. There are messages asking the exact location of the school with replies providing the full address and map.

Previous news reports suggested that Patrick Ko Tat-pun, Chairman of Voic of Loving Hong Kong (Limited), will be condemning Ms Lam outside the school after the new school year begins. Ko was quoted saying “there will be no physical (violence)… but we will broadcast the footage of Ms Lam swearing”. However, Ko denied the news reports and said that Voice of Loving Hong Kong discussed the action. He also heard that non-members of VLHK but supports it have applied for a “notice of no objection” from the police.

A spokesperson from the police force said that the force has received an application from a group on 19th August which wants to have a public gathering at 7:30am from 2nd to 6th September. The police force, however, has yet to issue the notice of no objection as of 28th August.

Those who support Ms Lam planned to host gatherings during the same period, but after Ms Lam posted on her Facebook page saying “those who protest outside the school on 2nd September, both support me or against me, are not my friends”, the “supporters” has suspended their action.


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