Peking Displeased with ICAC being too Independent, Requires “Clean Up”

The House News

24th May 2013

Peking Displeased with ICAC being too Independent, Requires “Clean Up”

亞洲週刊:北京不滿廉署太獨立 要清理

Yazhou Zhoukan claimed to receive a classified report done by Peking entitled “Problems with Hong Kong ICAC”. The report says that ICAC was a “British Hong Kong government’s resistance of a smooth transfer (of sovereignty) and a political tool to suppress those who love China and love Hong Kong”. China’s Central Government thinks that ICAC requires a “suitable and necessary clean up”, but has been delaying the execution of it.

The classified report, according to Yazhou Zhoukan, says that British government has penetrated into the middle to high level of ICAC, and the internal communications within ICAC are being monitored by the British government. It also says that the commissioner is merely a figurehead and has no control over ICAC’s operation. The report mentions that a number of recent cases have clear political agendas, for example the cases related to Mak Chai-kwong and Timothy Tong Hin-ming (story 2 and 3). The report says that ICAC intended to stop the integration between Hong Kong and China, making the “HKSAR’s sharpest blade to stab the HKSAR government and China Liaison Office”.

The report says that ICAC has been targeting the individuals who “love China and love Hong Kong”:

When dealing with oppositions’ blatant violation of law, including James To Kun-sun’s case on renting properties with public funding, (ICAC) let them off easily, and didn’t even conduct any investigation given the strong public opinions. On the other hand, when those “love China and love Hong Kong” individuals make a small mistake in their social lives or conducting businesses, the ICAC would strike them hard and use every means possible to gather evidence and prosecute them.

The report also express great discontent with the fact that ICAC can conduct investigation independently without being “controlled” by the Chief Executive, which means that the Commissioner is merely a “figurehead”. For example, the ICAC arrested Mak Chai-kwong without “reporting” to CY Leung. Chief Secretary, Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, who did not know about the arrest ahead of time offered her political guarantee and criticised the ICAC’s independent investigation “puts the HKSAR government in a passive mode”.

Citing a number of sources, the magazine also said that there are political agenda behind the Timothy Tong Hin-ming and Mak Chai-kwong cases. Kuai Cheyuan, Director of Hong Kong and Macau Development Strategy Research Centre*, criticised ICAC’s investigation on Timothy Tong, “there’s a need to look into (ICAC’s) harmful intention behind (the investigation). Hong Kong has been returned (to China), so does ICAC.”

Editor’s Note:
*Hong Kong and Macau Development Strategy Research Centre is a literal translation of “港澳發展戰略研究中心主任蒯轍元”. The editor in charge of this article could not find the English name of this centre, we’d appreciate if our readers can provide the official name.

This article was published in May this year, but have been circulated online once again recently as the public are questioning the independence of ICAC and its ability to continue to fight against corruption in light of recent government officials’ scandals.


3 responses to “Peking Displeased with ICAC being too Independent, Requires “Clean Up”

  1. It is worth noting that the Basic Law does not call for an Independent Commission Against Corruption, only a commission against corruption.

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