Anti-Occupy Central Speaker: Those who Disobeyed Should be Tied Up like Monkeys

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21st August 2013

Anti-Occupy Central Speaker: Those Disobedient Should be Tied Up like Monkeys

反佔中者 指港人是馬騮

A pro-establishment organisation hosted a political reform forum yesterday (20th August) and invited Benny Tai Yiu-ting (one of the founders of Occupy Central movement) to debate with four other pro-establishment representatives. Leung Lap-yan, one of the pro-establishment speakers, did not only swear at the forum, he also described the people of Hong Kong as monkeys “the disobedient monkeys should be tied up”. A university student attended the forum reprimanded this comment. At the same event, Robert Chow Yung, one of the founders of “Silent Majority for Hong Kong” who said he is willing to debate with Tai on political reform, said that he will not accept the invitation to debate with Tai unless Occupy Central is cancelled.

Wisdom Hong Kong, a pro-establishment organisation, hosted a political reform forum. Over 50% of the attendees were pro-establishment as well. Benny Tai Yiu-ting was invited to join the forum and dealt with all the attacks by the other four pro-establishment speakers, namely Ng Lik-shan*, Chow Pak-chin, Leung Lap-yan and Robert Chow Yung.

Leung Lap-yan

Tanya Chan Suk-chong

The organisation claimed to be unbiased, but gave more opportunities to the anti Occupy Central movements people, including Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB) to ask questions. They took turn to question Tai the reasons and basis for Occupy Central. Tanya Chan Suk-chong, the convener of “Occupy Central Supporting Group” and Civil Party member, questioned that the arrangement of the event is unfair.

Tai pointed out that the Occupy Central movement is merely demanding the China Central Government, which has broken its promises twice in 2007 and 2012 and denied Hong Kong’s right for democratic elections, to fulfill its promise and implement a true democratic election that is up to the international standard in Hong Kong in 2017. “We do not wish to see the promise to be broken again.” Robert Chow Yung exculpated for China and said that whether or not (Hong Kong can have) democratic elections is not determined by the people of Hong Kong nor the China Central Government, but the 70 legislative council members. Chow also discredited Occupy Central as a movement that will turn into a riot.

During the forum, Chow also asked the people on the floor to follow him and shout “democracy without riot”. The floor’s response was limited at first, but after he encouraged the audiences repeatedly, the pro-establishment attendees of the forum started to follow. Benny Tai took the opportunity to invite Chow for a public debate on political reform. However, Chow said that he will debate with Tai if he calls off the Occupy Central movement.

Leung Lap-yan made some inappropriate comments during the forum, saying “the disobedient monkeys should be tied up”. A Chinese University student at the forum said his comment was inappropriate and argued that the people of Hong Kong have the rights to occupy central peacefully to voice their desire for true democratic elections which is not animal behaviour as described by Leung. Instead of restraining himself, Leung escalated – he swore and said Occupy Central movement is like a gambling addict borrowing money and mortgaged everything he could to place one bet, “if he looses, he is fXXXed**”. Chow Pak-chin was also taken aback on this comment, and asked Leung to “beware of his choice of words”. Reverend Chu Yiu-ming, another organiser of Occupy Central who joint the forum as an audience, challenged Robert Chow that the people of Hong Kong have been rational and peaceful in the past 30 years to fight for democracy in, and he also said he’s disappointed about Leung’s comment.

A group of 30 taxi drivers protested outside the Police Headquarter saying that Occupy Central and any other demonstrations can cause traffic jam and affect their industry, demanded the police to handle protesters who break the law.

Editor’s Note:

*  Ng Lik-shan is a transliteration as the editor responsible for this article cannot confirm information about this individual. Information about “Wisdom Hong Kong” is also very limited (a Facebook page only)
** Originally Leung said “冚家鏟”, often used swear word which literally is means “whole family dies”


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  10. Monkeys? Just look at yourself! Overweight, greedy, corrupt, uncivilized primates! Shame on you! and the princeling children of yours! HongKong is free and she will remain free as long as the youth of HK is ready to defend her Liberty!

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