Organised Crime And Triad Bureau to Investigate Alpais Lam’s Case

Apple Daily

15th August 2013

Organised Crime And Triad Bureau to Investigate Alpais Lam’s Case


A month ago, Alpais Lam Wai-sze, a primary school teacher, shouted at police officers and used a four-letter word at rage as she found them failed to handle the conflict between Hong Kong Youth Care Association and Falun Gong supporters evenhandedly. After CY Leung, Chief Executive, publicly demanded the Education Bureau to submit a report on the incident, the Hong Kong SAR Police Force has “elevated” their investigation on the disorderly conduct in public case reported by a citizen against Lam, the case has been passed to the Organised Crime and Triad Bureau for further investigation.

Mr Lee (59 year-old) went to the Mong Kok Police Station on 10th August (Saturday) and claimed to have watched videos online and read media reports about Alpais Lam, and believes that she’s committed an offense of “disorder in public places” under the Public Order Ordinance and obstructing a public officer engaged in a public duty. Lee asked the police force to investigate the case and the police has accepted his report. The police originally assigned to the Mong Kok’s Criminal Investigation Department Unit 4. A spokesperson from the force confirmed yesterday that the case has been transferred to the Mong Kok Organised Crime and Triad Bureau for follow up. So far, no suspect has been arrested.

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