Xi Jinping Orders to Start Cultural Revolution in HK

Apple Daily

12th August 2013

Xi JinPing Orders to Start Cultural Revolution in HK


The “loving and caring” groups began to emerge in the last year or so, which often stir conflicts with the people of Hong Kong

Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and the President of the PRC, gave his latest order to Hong Kong SAR “Start a movement of denouncing (oppositions) by tongue and pen, and guarding (the government) with armed force. Destroy the evil power that is anti-China and attempt to cause troubles in Hong Kong!” Peking, China Liaison Office and CY Leung’s gang have motivated the “loving and caring” groups to perform the Cultural Revolution-like denouncing activities. The disciplinary forces , which are supposedly politically neutral, have shown their loyalty to Peking after being tempted by the united front work groups. Those who treasure “One Country Two Systems” and “high degree of autonomy” could only sigh “Hong Kong is on its death bed!”

Members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, including General Secretary and President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang, and Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Wang Qishang, have been involved in the chaotic decade during the Cultural Revolution and participated in the Red Guard’s brutal activities. Although Xi has been promoted as the General Secretary and no long serves as the leader of the Coordinating Group of Hong Kong and Macau Affairs, he still has the ultimate power over Hong Kong affairs. What are the reasons for Xi to destroy Hong Kong’s surviving core values with Cultural Revolution like tactics?

Since the people of Hong Kong who long for democracy demand a true, open and fair universal suffrage that matches international standard, and the Occupy Central Movement has been gaining support from pan-democrats and various influential individuals, CY Leung spotted the opportunity for his “last strike”. Scandals have been surrounding Leung’s cabinet since they took office, which escalates the polarisation amongst the people of Hong Kong and them siding with opposing positions. Large conglomerates and professionals have been considering to withdraw their investments in Hong Kong or emigrating overseas, which forces China’s Central Government to consider replacing the Chief Executive.

However, CY Leung who’s experienced in schmoozing in China knows how to play the game of “conspiracy theory”. Leung and thousands of China government officials have been spreading the rumours about the “New American Emperor” is starting a “colour revolution” in Hong Kong, in order to secure their power and jobs. They have been spreading the rumours that Occupy Central is supported by the CIA and is an US skirmish in Hong Kong to facilitate President Obama’s plan to “return to Asia” and part of the US’ Containment of China conspiracy.

Ever since Xi took charge, despite the strong appearance he has yet to launched any credible new policies. However, he repeatedly asks the party to complete “The China Dream”, which means “to preserve the communist’s empire” and strengthen CCP’s position as the “eternal ruling party” in China and prevent it from repeating Gorbachev’s steps in political reform. The so-called CIA conspiracy theory triggered Xi’s fragile nerves. Xi and Zhang Dejiang, the current head of the Coordinating Group of Hong Kong and Macau Affairs, are both rigid minded, have confirmed to implement the following plants: (1) secure the controlling power of the “armed forces” in Hong Kong via penetration and united front efforts, in order to win the “loyalty” of the police force, ICAC, Immigration Department and Customs Department; (2) via the same means, control the media in Hong Kong; (3) launch Cultural Revolution like condemning tactics in Hong Kong, whilst taking the moral high-ground in the public domain, it also aims at attacking the people who are “anti-China and causes unrest in Hong Kong”, for example those who support Occupy Central Movement. People with special backgrounds will also participate in the Occupy Central Movement as pan-democrats, in order to polarise the people and causes trouble from within. Besides the traditional local communists, new immigrants from China and representatives from the Ministry of State Security, many others are mobilised to execute such order, including influential media, politicians and academics who brown noses China.

At this point, the core values of Hong Kong Deng Xiaoping wished to preserve via “One-Country-Two-System”: rule of law, clean government, press freedom, and politically neutral civil servants, have all been brutalised by the monstrous political power combining Leung, local communists and China Liaison Office. If the people of Hong Kong do not raise and fight back, Hong Kong will meet its end.

Willy Lam Wo-Lap

Expert on China Issues, Public Affairs Commentator


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