Breaking News: Mak Chai-kwong and Tsang King Man Walks

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8th August 2013 (12:08)

Breaking News: Mak Chai-kwong and Tsang King Man Walks – Suspended Sentence

【呃租津案】麥齊光曾景文 同緩刑免坐監

Mak Chai-kwong, former Secretary for Development (stepped down as he was found to be involved in a housing allowance fraud) and Tsang King-man, Assistant Director at Highways Department, pretended to be leasing their apartments to each other and have got US$90,000 housing allowance from the government by fraud over twenty years ago. The fraud was exposed after Mak became the Secretary for Development last July. After trial, both Mak and Tsang are found guilty for six offenses including conspiracy to defraud. The District Court sentenced them for eight months of jail but suspended the sentence for two years.

When defending, the lawyer(s) said that Mak (age 62) has been in the civil service for 30 years and asked if he should be punished for an faulty system existed yesterday ago? As for Tsang (age 57) was found to be involved in the case after someone reported Mak to the ICAC and the lawyer(s) questioned if the informer has political agenda. Tsang who is retiring soon may loose his pension which could amount to a million US dollar.

Mak Chai-kwong took up the Secretary for Development role on 1st July 2012. Only days after in office, he was found out to be potentially involved in housing fraud. After 12 days in office, Mak resigned, and is the most “short-lived Secretary” in Hong Kong SAR.


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