Officer Speaks His Mind Boycotted by Fellow Officers

Apple Daily

7th August 2013

Officer Speaks His Mind Boycotted by Fellow Officers


Officer Sze Being Called Scum by Fellow Officers for Supporting Ms Lam

Officer speak his own mind causes his colleague to boycott him. According to online information, a Hong Kong Island Emergency Unit commander expressed his support for Ms Alpais Lam at a gathering. This officer is accused of being a traitor in the police force and other officers call him “police scum”. According to a recent Hong Kong Daily News’ report, some of its subordinates demanded to be transferred to other units. The officer refused to comment on the incident, and said the paper’s article is inaccurate.

Officer Sze’s Facebook: hinted that what Lau Tat-keung said is not the reality at the police force


A number of pictures have been circulated online in the last few days, suggesting that a police officer Tony Sze, the commander of the #3 Emergency Unit on Hong Kong Island, expressed his support for Ms Alpais Lam during a discussion on the incident with his on-duty colleagues at a pro-China group evening. Some of his subordinates were displeased with his stand. This discussion trigger a series of cyber-bullying activities. Some captured Sze’s Facebook posts and circulated them online – many of those posts are Sze speaking his mind: on 4th June, he said “last year, I was working in Victoria Park, but my minds is with the others (at the vigil)”. On the same day, he also left a wall post saying “Hong Kong police brings disgrace to itself”. Some police officers call him “police scum”. An Hong Kong Daily News article published on 6th August entitled “Traitor at the Police Force” says that the subordinates of officer Sze complained to Complaints Against Police Office as they were displeased with Sze’s comments, and claimed that a number of officers at Sze’s unit have requested to be transferred as they do not wish to work with him. The news article also hinted that Office Sze is a traitor by saying that Officer Sze was spotted at the Café de Coral on Sai Yeung Choi Street South during the 4th August event, and some suspected that Sze was the person commanding the demonstrators behind the scene. The House News also contracted Officer Sze for clarification, but he refused to comment on the incident but said that there are lot of inaccurate references in the Hong Kong Daily News article.

Officer Sze, however, is supported by many netizens. Some netizens think that Sze only used Ms Alpais Lam’s incident to remind his subordinates to handle situations appropriately in order to avoid conflicts between the citizens and the police. Some said that Sze has done nothing wrong and complemented him for being a just and righteous cop.


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