Lau Tat-keung: Police Has Civil Rights and Rights to Speak

iCable News

6th August 2013 (14:10)

Lau Tat-keung: Police Has Civil Rights and Rights to Speak


Lau Tat-keung, a superintendent who’s at his pre-retirement holiday, is being criticised for participating a public gathering as it may violate the Police General Orders. Lau said that there are needs to define how much civil rights and rights to speak the police force enjoys. Eric Cheung Tat-ming, a professor in law, said that even though human rights protect people’s freedom of expression, the law enforcement units must maintain politically neutral.

Hundreds of complains have been filed against Lau because he spoke in the public (to support a political event). Lau insists that he has not violated the General Orders, and questions if the current General Orders violates human rights.

As a member of the Independent Police Complaints Council, Professor Cheung thinks that human rights ensure everyone to enjoy the freedom of expression and there are limitations. He agrees that there are rooms for discussion on whether the General Orders require any updates, for example level of limitations can vary depending on the ranking of each officer, and spell out whether those who enjoy pre-retirement holidays should be bounded by the Orders.


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