Lau Tat Keung, Former Superintendent, Didn’t Violate Police General Orders

Sing Tao Daily

5th August 2013

Lau Tat Keung, Former Superintendent, Didn’t Violate Police General Orders 


Lau Tat Keung, a former superintendent, attended the gathering at Mong Kok on 4th August to criticise Ms Alpais Lam Wai-sze. He said that because he is on pre-retirement leave which means he is a retired officer and the gathering yesterday is not a political event, so he has not violated the Police General Orders.

Lau said that he attended the gathering to support police officers to enforce the law, and that teachers speaking foul language should not become a trend at schools.

A spokesperson from the police said that the police force has internal guidelines. If an officer breaks the law or violates the guidelines, the case will be dealt with in a fair and just manner based on the existing procedures. The spokesperson said that if an officer started his/her pre-retirement leave, his/her police warrant card will be returned to the force and can no longer exercise police powers nor carry out police duties.

The police has not responded on whether the event was political, and whether Lau has violated the General Orders.


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