Citizens Gather to Support Ms Lam, Protest Against Police’s Selective Enforcement of Law

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5th August 2013

Citizens Gather to Support Ms Lam, Protest Against Police’s Selective Enforcement of Law

市民集會撐林老師 抗議警方選擇性執法

Ms Alpais Lam Wai-sze is the teacher who confronted the police for selective enforcement of law last week. She accused the police for being partial to members of Hong Kong Youth Care Association (HKYCA) who were harassing peaceful Falun Gong demonstrators, and shouted swear words at the police during the quarrel (Ms Lam shouted “what the fuck” during the quarrel). Two police associations (Junior Police Officers Association and Hong Kong Police Inspectors’ Association) unusually issued statements condemning Ms Lam’s action. Multiple groups initiated gatherings in Mong Kok on 4th August to support Ms Lam and denounce HKYCA. During the event, people supporting Ms Lam clashed with Caring Hong Kong Power (CHKP) and a group of self-declared retired police officers multiple times. A Next Magazine journalist was attacked and injured, causing a big scene. The event was attended by around 2,800 people.

Combats between two groups

People who support Ms Lam began to gather at the pedestrian zone in Sai Yeung Choi Street South around 2pm. The police also started the crowd control measurements, and blocked exit E2 and D3 at the Mong Kok MTR station. The pedestrian zone was covered with people. CHKP gathered around Nelson Street, and waved China’s flag and Hong Kong SAR flag. Many passerby scolded at the members of CHKP and caused a number of quarrels. Those who support Ms Lam said that she was only trying to defend the weak and condemned the police for suppressing Ms Lam. Some pro-Peking individuals denounce Ms Lam for saying swear words in public and as a teacher she will set a bad example for the next generation.

On the other hand, a group of self-declared retired police officers shouted at and  attempted to provoke the people who were waving pre-97 Hong Kong flags. These retired police officers were also shouting “support police to enforce law”. As the tension escalate, police had to separate the two groups of protesters. Individuals reported to the police that they were attacked by the “Loving and Caring tribes” (i.e. CHKP and HKYCA), the police arrested relevant people. Some supporters of Ms Lam went over to the rival’s area and held up their banners to support Ms Lam. They were immediately shouted at and were surrounded by the rivals who called them “rubbish youngsters”.

Retired officers stood up?

More citizens joint the event from the sidewalks of Sai Yeung Choi Street South around dawn. The situation got even more chaotic. The quarrels first started between supporters of Ms Lam and those who condemn her action. The situation soon turned into citizens versus “retired police”. Citizens shouted at these former officers as “communist running dogs”, and the “retired police” swore at the people in response. The police separated the two group at Nelson Street with less than 10 meters wide gap. The shouting continued for over two hours. There were reports saying a plainclothes police beat up a civilian at Shan Tung Street, the area was blockade by citizens who demanded the suspect to be arrested. After a long disturbance, the police announced that the “plainclothes police attacked civilian” situation was a “misunderstanding”. The people gathered around the area got emotional and causing the atmosphere to be extremely intense.

The gathering lasted for around four hours. Around six o’clock, since there was no sign of backing off from either parties, police began to call for more support. A human chain was formed to separate the crowd. The police also made multiple announcements asking people to leave the area. The police asked the group of “retired police officers” to move to the sidewalk in order to allow others who completed their involved in the event to leave the area. As the attendees (supporters of Ms Lam) walked pass the area to leave the scene, the group of “retired police” started shouting at them and quarrels began once again. The police eventually demanded the “retired police” to leave the area, and the people began to leave as well. The whole event lasted for around five hours.


8 responses to “Citizens Gather to Support Ms Lam, Protest Against Police’s Selective Enforcement of Law

  1. I was there when the man who got hit by the the “plainclothes police” was out on the street being questioned by the uniform police.

    This is the “plainclothes police” who hit that poor man.

    Tens of uniform police officers gathered outside the building where this black polo top man (His name is Marvin, according to netizens) was hiding from the crowd. Once the uniform police managed to form a line of protected zone, Marvin came down from the building and was escorted to another place. Obviously, people were angry about this as the police were going to let this Marvin man go.

    Dozens of people barricaded the area and wouldn’t let them go until Marvin is handcuffed and taken to the police car. That’s when a white uniform officer ordered to release Marvin, people got even more angry and started shouting for justice, this officer turned around and shouted “fxxk your mother” at the crowd, and gesture just like Hitler:

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