Police Calls to Denunciate Lam Wai-Yan – Retired Policemen “In Charge of Dirty Tricks”

Passion Times

2nd August 2013

Police Calls to Denunciate Lam Wai-Yan – Retired Policemen “In Charge of Dirty Tricks”

警察動員聲討林慧思 揚言退休警做「嗱喳嘢」

“Federation of Parent-Teacher Associations of Yau, Tsim & Mongkok Districts Limited” and “Hong Kong Action” will be gathering at Sai Yeung Choi Street South in Mong Kok on 4th August at 2:30pm to denunciate Ms Alpais Lam Wai-sze, who has been slandered by various organisations and individuals in the recent days. Based on the leaked information, the police has been inviting people to join the gathering. It is also unveiled that retired police officers will be in charge of dirty tricks that day to tackle citizens who show up to support Ms Lam. The aim is to create an illusion that the police and their supporters are more calm than the people who back Ms Lam.

Joe Sin, a former police officer and a core member of “Caring Hong Kong Power*”, is one of the organisers of this event. Sin admitted in his Facebook page that the event is jointly organised with Leticia Lee See-yin, the chairwoman of “Federation of Parent-Teacher Association”. Lee is a member of both Kowloon Federation of Associations and Women’s Commission, both pro-CCP organisations. According to the informer’s Whatsapp message, former police officers are calling supports from off-duty and retired officers to attend the event with their families. The sender of the messages described the people who back Ms Lam as “scums” and ordered the participants to stay calm and “let us, the retired (officers), to play the dirty tricks” as a mean to “handle” those who back Ms Lam. In addition, sources say that Lau Tat Keung, a Superintendent who retired in end of June this year, will be participating the event on behalf of the Hong Kong Police Inspectors’ Association to express his support for HKSAR police to enforce the law strictly.

Last night, legislator Raymond Wong Yuk-man said at an online TV programme that the periphery organisations of China Communist Party call on all their powers to condemn one teacher is exactly the same as the political prosecution CCP carried out during Cultural Revolution. Wong asked Hong Kong Proletariat Political Institute and supporters to present at the event in order to back Ms Lam and counter-attack activities that suppress freedom of speech. Wong said that he would present at the event to show his support for Ms Lam and monitor the situation.

Wong also asked citizens to take pictures of police officers who attend the event because it is illegal for police officers to attend activities organised by political organisations.

Civic Passion will set up a booth at Sai Yeung Choi Street South this coming Sunday (4th August). From 11:30am to 6pm, Civic Passion will detail the incident and reveal the truth at its booth with live broadcast on its online TV channel. Civic Passion will gather citizens’ signatures to support Ms Lam, greeting cards will also be handed out for all citizens to send to Pui Ling School of The Precious Blood, the school Ms Lam teaches at, to express support.

Editor’s Note:

* Caring Hong Kong Power is renowned for being a pro-Peking and pro-CCP organisation. A number of its members have physically attacked others at multiple occasions, and the lack of knowledge in history and political sense have embarrassed their spokespeople repeatedly.


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