Teacher Quarreled with Police over HKYCA Apologised

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26th July 2013 (23:55)

Teacher Quarreled with Police over HKYCA Apologised

不滿青關會 與警爭執 教師道歉

Last Update: 01:15, 27th July 2013

Ms Alpais Lam Wai-sze and Pui Ling School of The Precious Blood, the school where she teaches, issued two statements in the evening. Ms Lam apologised to the school, her colleagues, parents and students for her inappropriate use of words. The school expressed in the statement its regrets for the inappropriate behavior of one of its teachers which caused social debates, and the school hopes that parents and others would forgive given that the relevant teacher (Ms Lam) has already apologised.

An ordinary citizen apologised for swearing when she saw injustice and tried to defend the weak. On the contrary, the newly raised pro-Peking/pro-establishment organizations continue to spoil Hong Kong’s freedom of speech with violence, they even take pride in their own behaviours. The law enforcement units simply stand by with folded arms. Is this really Hong Kong?

Footage of the Incident with Subtitle

A footage has been circulated online furiously these days, which shows a female teacher quarreling with a few police officiers in the middle of Mong Kong. In the footage, she got very emotional and even swore. Many netizens praised the police officers for being calm when facing the teacher’s angry words and criticise the teacher’s behaviour. This footage, however, was heavily edited and failed to illustrate the complete incident. Prior to this video being circulated online, there was another video which was taken by a netizen which revealed that Hong Kong Youth Care Association Limited (HKYCA) barricaded Fa Lun Gong’s booth in Mong Kok’s pedestrian zone with massive banners and Ms Lam was displeased with HKYCA’s behaviour and shouted at them for intruding Fa Lun Gong’s peaceful demonstration. As the police did not interfere HKYCA’s action and demanded her to leave the booth, she began to quarrel with the police.

Many netizens, however, criticise Ms Lam’s behaviour based on the edited footage and dug out her personal information and filed complaints to the school she teaches at. She may face disciplinary action by the school, which is in a way political prosecution. Some even think that she could be fired by the school.

The footage of Ms Lam’s quarrel with the police was published on the Facebook pages of Oriental Sunday and爆料快報. After the footage was uploaded, some netizens soon found out that Ms Lam is a teacher at Pui Ling School of The Precious Blood. Some netizens quickly launched a campaign to send complain emails to the school’s principal and its PTA chairman and demand disciplinary actions. Over 26,000 people “liked” the footage on 爆料快報’s Facebook and over 7,000 comments were made on the footage. Many misunderstood that Ms Lam was being reckless and said she does not deserve to be a teacher.

Later on, some other netizens posted the full video of the incident on the Facebook pages of Oriental Sunday and 爆料快報, in order to clarify Ms Lam’s innocence.

The incident happened on 14th July at Mong Kok’s pedestrian zone. Epoch Times reported that Lam Kwok-on, the vice-chairman of HKYCA (man in blue t-shirt with glasses), and a few other members of the organization barricaded Fa Lun Gong’s booth which demonstrates organ harvesting. The HKYCA group later on expanded their barricade.

Ms Lam was displeased with HKYCA’s action and shouted at them (started at 3:01 of the footage):

I will stand firm here. This is not the first time you’ve treated the Fa Lun Gong people. I am not one of them, but a true Hong Konger. I cannot tolerate the behaviours of HKYCA. This is what you call “care”? You are insulting the people of Hong Kong. This is what you call “care”? Do you have any shame? Why is the police sided with them? They have their freedom for expression, if the China Communist Party has done nothing wrong, why would you do this kind of shameful deed? This only makes people to hate CCP more! This is extremely evil. Don’t take our silence as agreement, you know full well what the CCP does. Organ harvesting happens in China every day, the whole world knows they kill people to take their organs for sale. You, police officers, are still defending these communist mobsters?

Many people cheered and clapped hands in the footage, and asked the HKYCA people to leave (Fa Lun Gong’s booth). At the end of the footage, Lam Kwok-on and other members of HKYCA were captured to be pushing Fa Lun Gong members. Lam Kwok-on fell over at the end of the footage. Ms Lam said that when the police were retreating, Lam Kwok-on used physical violence against the Fa Lun Gong members.

On 18th July, Ms Lam was interviewed by an online radio station. She explained that she was walking along on Sai Yeung Choi Street with her husband and was displeased with the police who did not response to HKYCA’s behaviours and “stood like primary school students who’re being punished by their teachers”. Lam was upset that HKYCA bullied the members of Fa Lun Gong and started to tell HKYCA’s people off. A police office warned her that if anyone complains about her voice level, the police would arrest her and demanded her to stay behind the police security zone.

Ms Lam was not satisfied by the fact that the police refused to explain the reason why HKYCA members were allowed to stay at the Fa Lun Gong booth and she had to leave. The police later on said that the area was sealed by the police. There were four police officers surrounding Ms Lam at the time, two of the officers, one man and one woman, were particularly fierce. Another police officer (in white uniform) later on went to mediate the situation, but Ms Lam refused to leave the area and the police eventually ignored her. In the footage, besides Ms Lam, there were other passerby who criticise the police for not responding to HKYCA’s actions.

The footage of this quarrel was disseminated on Facebook very quickly. Many netizens posted the full footage to give the full picture of the incident in order to protect Ms Lam’s reputation. Some even started a “one-person-one-letter” campaign (letter addresses to the principal and PTA chairman of Pui Ling School of The Precious Blood) to support Ms Lam.

Ms Lam also posted her interview footage on Oriental Sunday’s Facebook page and said that the 50-cents parties (CCP recruited professional netizens) for distorting the facts to frame her. After numerous complaints, Oriental Sunday and爆料快報 both uploaded the interview footage and the full footage of the quarrel onto their Facebook pages.

Ms Lam may face disciplinary actions at her school. She posted on her Facebook that she is suffering from insomnia because of the incident, and today she said that “I’ve received a call from the principal who told me that a crisis will be called to resolve the situation”, and said she’s waiting for the verdict. Just over an hour ago, she said “this is political prosecution”, some thought that she’s been fired.

Ms Lam is the daughter of Mr Lam Sum-shing, a member of League of Social Democrats. When interviewed by Epoch Times, Mr Lam said that his daughter is suffering from tremendous pressure simply because she teachers at a catholic school and according to source the Father of the school is putting pressure on the school. Mr Lam, however, said that he supports his daughter.

Ms Lam has been teaching for almost 20 years. She joint the League of Social Democrats in 2010, whilst her mother is a member of Democratic Party. When Democratic Party hosted the meeting to vote on the political reform proposal, she protested at the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union and criticise Cheung Man-kwong for not consulting the members.

When interviewed by Ming Pao in 2010, she said because her school’s civil education lessons incorporated Raymond Wong Yuk-man throwing banana at a Legislative Council meeting as an example to tell the students that using violence is wrong, she refused to produce the civil education materials for the primary four students. The school therefore did not allow her to teach her P.5 and P.6 students about political system in general studies.


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