Educational TV Distorts History

Apple Daily

29th July 2013

Educational TV Distorts History


Educational Television, which is funded by public funding and has been broadcasting for years, contains brain-washing materials. One of the programmes that introduces Basic Law teaches primary school students that they must celebrate China’s national day with happy emotion. Human rights concern group criticises the programe for distorting history.

Hong Kong was lent to the UK by China

The Education Bureau said that the programme was updated in 2005. The script was written by the Curriculum Resources group of Curriculum Development Institute at the Bureau, and the programme was produced by RTHK. The expenses are absorbed by the Bureau and RTHK. Although the Bureau said that the programme has not been broadcasted in recent years and is not uploaded to their website, the programme is listed under the “resources” section of the Bureau’s website for teachers to use to teach students about Basic Law. The programme can be downloaded from the Bureau’s server and DVDs of the programme is also available at public libraries.

Mr Chong, Yiu Kwong, Deputy Chairman of Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor, said that the programme simply equates China to People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and completely ignored the history between 1949 and 1997, is biased. “(The programme) says that 1st July is the birthday of Hong Kong, it sounds like Hong Kong was only established in 1997.” He also pointed out that the flower on HKSAR flag is Bauhinia (洋紫荊 – word-for-word translation: western, purple, chaste tree), and the Communist China and HKSAR governments changed its name to 紫荊花 (purple, chaste tree, flower) to be politically correct*. The programme also said that Hong Kong was lent to Britain, but the fact is only the New Territories was leased whilst Hong Kong Island and Kowloon were ceded to Britian perceptually. Chong criticised the content of the programme is inaccurate and contradictory. “This type of programme distrots overly-simplifies history, students exposed to it will be lead to formulate incorrect concepts. If I was a teacher, I would not teach my students with this.”

Editor’s Note:
* Ditching the word “Western” is believed to be China’s effort to remove the colonial root of Hong Kong and erase the memory about British rule from the people of Hong Kong.


5 responses to “Educational TV Distorts History

  1. I thought the official stance was that the UK “stole” Hong Kong from China. “Lent” is already an improvement.

    • You are correct.
      The Communists still refuses, to this very day, to admit that Qing (to the western world, Qing = China, but this is overly simplified history) lost in wars and gave Hong Kong and Macau away

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