Breaking News: Anchor Baby Got HK Birth Certificate

Oriental Daily News/

24th July 2013 (14:20)

Anchor Baby Got HK Birth Certificate After Mother Lied on Floor at Immigration Office

A follow up story of <<Chinese Woman Lying Down at Immigration Office Demand HK Residence for Her Anchor Baby>>


After discussion, the Immigration Department decided to grant the anchor baby her Hong Kong birth certificate this Friday, the baby’s mother is the woman who lied on the floor at the Immigration Office this morning (24th July) in protest. However, given that the woman has to leave Hong Kong today, the Immigration Department also issued a temporary ID to the woman for her to manage the application for her daughter. The incident which lasted for five hours has finally concluded.

The woman first come to Hong Kong with a tourist visa on 22nd June and tried to cross the boarder multiple times but her entrances were rejected until 24th June when her contraction started when she was at the boarder. She was immediately sent to the Price of Wales Hospital and gave birth to her daughter. She tried to apply her daughter’s birth certificate but the Immigration Department rejected her application and arrested her for making false declarations. She was released on bail.


3 responses to “Breaking News: Anchor Baby Got HK Birth Certificate

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  3. A woman like that sounds like she will go out and try to obtain every benefit she can, any way she can. No shame.

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