DBS Ups School Space by 5% for Mainland Chinese Students

Oriental Daily

16th July 2013


Diocesan Boys’ School Ups School Space by 5% for Mainland Chinese Students

While the Hong Kong Government is still considering the feasibility to attract mainland Chinese students to study in non-government-funded high schools, and the visa arrangement for mainland Chinese students has not yet been resolved, Diocesan Boys’ School (DBS) has decided to increase 5% school seats for mainland Chinese students from the September of the next year at annual tuition fee of HK$50,000. The school authority emphasized that taking in mainlanders will not deprive the opportunities for the local students. The schoolmaster Mr. Chang Cheuk-cheung, Terence believed that empty dormitories could be allocated for the mainland students with higher rate of utilisation.

Mr. Chang told the media that DBS planned to increase 5%, or around seventy extra school seats in the September next year for taking in mainland Chinese students. “As I know, the mainland authority has been taking steps to coordinate, it can be expected that the current policy will be relaxed to attract mainland Chinese students to study in high schools. Our school is ready to provide dormitories for them to provide more opportunities for interactions.

The schoolmaster emphasized that while taking in mainland students, they will not deprive the opportunities for the locals, “We will make use of the extra 5% quota for mainlanders, but we will take in select the students by their capability. We will not abuse the system.”

For the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB), school authority said it has received around eighty applications relating to the IB course, half of the applications were the students of the school. The school plans to take in sixty of them after selection. Mr. Chang admitted that the school ran the IB course at a deficit, expecting a breakeven three years later. “It’s hard to tell the precise figure of the deficit, it’s around several millions per year”, but he emphasised that the school finance as a whole could reach a breakeven. Mr. Chang said the school was raising around hundred and sixty million for the construction of a music hall and IB building, expected to be in use in September next year. The school has raised around seventy million dollars.

Besides, the school found there were extra dormitories after the construction of around hundred and fifty dormitories for students. To better utilise the resources, ten of them were rebuilt as IB classrooms, with eighty six of them remained unused. At the beginning of the school year, there were seventy six students staying at dormitories. The schoolmaster explained that the school authority had consulted student parents on the possibility for students to stay in the dormitory for at least one year in their six year school life. Yet the rate of staying at dormitories was lower than expected due to various reasons, as some students thought that the rule of dormitory being too strict, while some parents raised many extra requests.


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