Turtle’s Spawning Ground remain unaffected by Oil Spill


25th June 2013


Another environmental disaster since the plastic pellets incident is yet to come. The Government has received reports last Friday for the oil spill pollution discovered at the shores along the Lamma Island, yet the news had been concealed until media coverage. From the information released by the Government, the Marine Department has discovered several oil spills of different sizes for consecutive three days at Tung O Wan. The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has collected around 600 bags of polluted sand. Fortunately, Sham Wan, the major spawning ground of turtles remains unaffected, so as the fishery conservation zones in Sok Kwu Wan and Lo Tik Wan.


Our reporters paid visits to the rocky beaches at Tung O Wan, discovering many rocks and garbage turned into charcoal black in colour, while the oil spills stretched over the sea surface. Mr. Chau, a villager who reported the incident to the police, said that the spill smelled too pungently for him to swim there, “the spill is just so thick and the government did a poor job in this incident. Why didn’t they dissolve the oil spill in the sea before the beach gets polluted?”

The Government spokesman said the Marine Department discovered two spills in the morning of 21st June, of 150 and 1,500 square metres offshore, and at the beach of Tung O Wan respectively. The Department instantly reported the incident to other departments responsible and sent for cleaners to the scene. In the following two days, spills of small sizes were found in the adjacent area. No further spills were reported until yesterday afternoon. The Department has sent the spill specimens to The Government Laboratory to trace the source of pollution.

Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department has sent observers to Sok Kwu Wan, Yung Shue Wan, Tung O Wan and Sham Wan with no spills detected except Tung O Wan. The Department said that Sham Wan is currently a restricted area with access allowed with permits only, as now is the spawning season for turtles. The Civic Party Legislator, Mr. KWOK Ka-ki, criticised the Government kept the citizens uninformed, and demanded an explanation from Mr. WONG Kam-shing, Secretary for the Environment, by letter.


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