Volunteer of Occupy Central’s Secretariat – II

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10th May, 2013

<Melody Chan.Four Possibilities>


"I have no idea who volunteer of Occupy Central is~"

“I have no idea who the volunteers of Occupy Central are”

Hong Kong Police has a “secret arrest order”: It is indeed puzzling that the police have been procrastinating for one and a half years over the arrest of a “semi-public figure” who goes in and out of a newspaper office, Legislative Council and law firm every day, plus who publishes articles in her own name. I truly believe that Andy Tsang Wai-hung (Hong Kong’s Commisioner of Police) adheres to the integrity and honesty of his “black shadow theory” (see below) and his view of “hand got stuck by the camera” *. Therefore I’ve been thinking long and hard about this, and, after careful analysis, have come up with four possibilities which could explain the delayed arrest of Melody Chan:

1. Melody Chan’s file fell on the floor in the police station and was only re-discovered by a cleaning lady few days ago, whereupon the police suddenly realised that she had not yet been arrested (for the 1 July Protest in 2011), so they arrested her now. Since it seems unlikely that the police station is only cleaned once every 16 months, I’m forced to discount this explanation.

2. The Police have to follow a strict set of protocols and procedures, including not arresting people frivolously. They only act when things come to a head.  Since it is hard to believe that the Hong Kong Police Force, composing more than 30,000 police officers and with among the highest proportion of policemen to population in the world, would be this inefficient, I’m forced to discount this theory also.

3. There is a double agent within the police: This agent delayed the arrest deliberately for 16 months, then suddenly issued a baseless order for arrest which subsequently meant that Ms Chan had to be released, creating an illusion of retaliation with the aim of arousing public outrage, while creating another ‘star’ for the social movement, leading to the heating-up of debate around Occupy Central again. This seems unlikely as it mirrors the Pan-Democrats’ strategy too closely.

4. The last possibility is that this was a politically motivated prosecution. The police deliberately held back, then moved when the time was ripe in an attempt to deter and punish an individual as an example to discourage others. Giving people a foreshadowing of the real meaning of “realising justice by law”. Again, it seems hard to believe that a politically-motivated prosecution was handled so incompetently as to fail to achieve a conviction.

Tsang said that “I have no idea who the volunteers of Occupy Central are”. Benny Tai Yiu-Ting, the founder of Occupy Central, said that he has written an article about Occupy Central, mentioning the role of Melody Chan not long ago. If the police really do not know who she is, there have to be question-marks over their ability to read, and their awareness of the society which they are supposed to be policing.

There is one more possibility which would explain why the police do not know who Melody Chan is: They aren’t concerned about Occupy Central.

Editor’s note:

*when Li Ke-qiang, the Premier of the People’s Republic of China and Party Secretary of the State Council, visited Laguna City (housing development) in Kwun Tong in August 2011, a policeman blocked the camera of a reporter and stopped the reporter from taking pictures. The public were outraged. According to SCMP, Tsang’s explanation was that “the police officer who blocked the camera had done so inadvertently, out of “reflex” – in order to protect the reporter – when he felt a ‘black shadow’ approaching”. But his explanation was later proved to be a lie as according to SCMP, “Now TV‘s footage recorded someone as saying, ‘this is a reporter, look after him’ shortly before the camera was blocked.”


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