China is the Colonist

Apple Daily

13th May 2013

<China is the Colonist>


CY Leung has clearly damaged the apparently vulnerable “One country, Two systems”, and hence the reality of Hong Kong has been laid bare — China is the monarch and the colonist, Hong Kong is the slave and the colony. Therefore the people of Hong Kong together with the Hong Kong Government have to take care of the feelings of the Chinese whenever any policies are to be implemented.

Hong Kong was not this concession-making and submissive even when the British Empire openly colonised Hong Kong in black and white. But this is not hard to understand, because in Britain, there is no scarcity of goods and no food that can poison people to death; it has a sound system and a reliable government, so it is not like the Chinese government not restricting hundreds of thousands of Chinese to disgracefully snatch the food in Hong Kong, and let the whole world look at how misbehaved the Chinese are when they snatch, transport (note: the food) and say dirty words (note: when others get into their way). The British government never claimed that “Hong Kong and Britain are family”, “Blood is thicker than water” or “Hong Kong would still be a little fishing port if Britain had not looked after it”, because the British do not need to use excuses to befriend with the people of Hong Kong in order to gain advantages; Britain can help itself through formal channels when times are bad. The British will surely be up in arms if toxic food circulates in the market, members of the Parliament and the Prime Minister will inevitably have a miserable career, which stands in stark contrast to the mediocre officials in the CCP and Hong Kong government who are living a luxurious life, being fed without the need to work, and able to watch the stock market at their leisure during office hours.

Chinese today are asking Hong Kong for a favour, but due to the fact that the status of China is rising, the face of Chinese people cannot be dumped casually like their own excrement. They sweep away everything in Hong Kong using an excuse that we all are in the same country so you should not resist and push them out. More precisely, they are not only spreading this excuse, they also truly believe in this.

This argument, however, is untenable, this could not be realised even in China. After the reform and opening-up in China in the 80’s, tens of thousands of migrant workers rushed to more well-developed cities, snatching employment from the city-dwellers, the cities also tried to stop them from competing with the locals. To take care of the business of one’s city first, then deal with the business of other regions; from close relations to mere acquaintances, it is always this way no matter whether it is family affair or national affair. Therefore, it is reasonable even if such jingoism appears within the same country, because the fault lies with CCP instead of the locals and towns, locals have the rights to live the life they deserve. Similarly, even if Hong Kong is inside of China’s political framework (and one-country, two systems dictates otherwise), it is not a must to act on the premise that we have to take care of the feelings of Chinese. Urban is vastly different from rural, there is also a huge cultural difference between Hong Kong and China, and so locals and local affairs should inevitably be the priority. “Patriotism” and “integration” are the terms used to dignify predatory behaviour. When it comes to the moment that one has to protect one’s own benefit, national interests and patriotic love for the country and CCP have always been worthless.

Yik Sze Ting (note: transliteration)




2 responses to “China is the Colonist

  1. Are you suggesting Hong Kong would be better off as a part of Britain than a part of China?

    • Dear Gerry,

      The editors of this blog merely translate news in Hong Kong that a lot of foreigners cannot read simply because the language gap as well as the censorship in place.
      A personal point of view: British was a colonist but a civilised one, China is a colonist but glorify it with the name of “unification of Greater China” and clams to be the origin of WahHa (or HuaXia) when the existing China in fact destroyed all the ancient culture during the “Cultural Revolution”. If you read history, the China you see now is not the one that owned Hong Kong.
      If there are only two options, colonised by China or colonised by Britain, personally I’d prefer to be governed by the British (I cannot represent other editors of this blog, but it would be something I’m sure they’d agree – British became a good colonist at the end of their colonial time, but China simply is a gang of criminals and are best at fooling the world, please refer to this piece a friendly blogger wrote).
      We must not forget the UN’s aim for decolonisation, however. The British government had all the responsibilities to help Hong Kong to go independent or stay as British colony or “be returned to China” – any colony should have the right for self-determination, which is something that China ripped right off from the people of Hong Kong when they demand the UN to take Hong Kong (and Macau) off the list of colonies back in the 70s. The UN is equally guilty, of course.
      In any case, I do not think being a colony is the best for Hong Kong, no matter who the colonist is. However, if not being China’s colony (look at Tibet and Xinjiang) means having to be part of Britain again, I would certainly choose the lesser of two evils.

      The Real Hong Kong News

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