Volunteer of Occupy Central’s Secretariat Arrested and Accused of Violation of The Public Order in 1 July Protest in 2011

The House News

8th May, 2013

<Volunteer of Occupy Central’s Secretariat Arrested and Accused of Violation of The Public Order in 1 July Protest in 2011>

佔中秘書處義工被拘 指前年7.1遊行違公安法

Source: Hong Kong Women's Coalition on Equal Opportunities

Source: Hong Kong Women’s Coalition on Equal Opportunities

Volunteer Melody Chan of Occupy Central’s secretariat, initiated by the Associate Professor Benny Tai Yiu-ting of HKU Faculty of Law, was arrested today at noon. She said to The House News that police charged her with assisting or involving in holding, convening, organising, composing and assembling a public meeting that breached Article 7 of Chapter 245 of the Public Order Ordinance.

She revealed on her Facebook today, “I have just been arrested for 2011 71 demonstration, now heading to central police station.” She later told reporter of The House News that the legal adviser Laurence Li Lu-jen was on the way to the Central  Police Station to learn more about the case.

Melody Chan is a volunteer with Occupy Central’s secretariat, a trainee solicitor, as well as a member of the 30S Group. She was also a reporter for the Hong Kong Economic Times when, in June 2012, she discovered that when Chief Executive CY Leung purchased a house subsequently found to contain illegal structures, he waived his right to ask whether illegal structures were included in the Sale and Purchase Agreement (before signing the agreement, he hired professionals to inspect the property and it was believed that he was aware of the illegal structures within before signing the agreement hence he waived his right to question further). As a reporter, she frequented the Legislative Council, and her name appeared on the news every day. She has been to Beijing to interview CY Leung while he was there to report on his progress to CCP, but she was not arrested during all this time.

Chan also often writes in Hong Kong In-Media using the name Melody Chan, to call people to participate in the Occupy Central movement, and to explain the movement’s objectives. In January this year, she also interviewed Benny Tai Yiu-ting, the founder of Occupy Central, and brought up “realising justice by law” in her coverage, which caused heated debates on the internet, and indirectly contributing to the formation of the Occupy Central movement.

Many were Arrested in Connection with 1 July Protest

Many were arrested on the same day of or after the 1 July Protest in 2011. After the demonstration in that year, a group of protesters demonstrated from Wan Chai to the road opposite of the Bank of China on Garden Road in Admiralty using a “guerrilla tactic”, and clashed with police. 231 protesters were arrested, 6 of whom were bound over to keep the peace, the 6 defendants were Cheung Kam-hung, Chow Nok-hang, Leung Wing-lai, Leung Kwok-hung, Kitty Hung and Shum Tsz-kit. Each was fined HKD1,500 (USD192.30) in September last year at the Kwun Tong Magistracy.

In addition, 4 members of the People’s Power party: Raymond Wong Yuk-man, Albert Chan Wai-yip, Ray Chan Chi-chuen and Chau Tsun-kiu were charged with unlawful assembly and other charges. Only two members of Legislative Council from People Power, Raymond Wong Yuk-man and Albert Chan Wai-yip, were convicted, they were given suspended sentences of six and five weeks respectively on the 16th of May 2013.

The House News Update at 6pm: Chan said on her Facebook at around 5pm, “Thanks for your concern. I’ve left the police station and do not wish to be interviewed at the moment. I’m not able to return calls. Thanks everyone. I’ll call my friends after work at 8pm. Thank you for your concern, everything is fine”.

(Please see the follow up news here)

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