HK Local Arrested for Graffiti Offending Xi Jinping

Apple Daily

18th April 2013

<HK Local Arrested for Graffiti Offending Xi Jinping>

塗鴉「習近平」 住客被捕

Graffiti that says “Xi Jinping Go to Hell” appeared in Kam Fung Court in Ma On Shan, an estate Hu Jintao (former President of China) visited when he came to Hong Kong, three times this month (April 2013). The Regional Crime Unit, Sha Tin Division, began its 24-hour ambush mission since the night before last (17th April). A male resisdent in the block was arrested on site. He was taken to the police station for suspected of criminal damage to give statement. He was later on released on bail.

Hu Jintao visited Kam Fung Court

The suspect was arrested in Kam Kwai House of Kam Fung Court in Ma On Shan. Hu Jiantao, former President and General Secretary of China, visited Kam Fung Court 5 years ago. Between 7th and 17th April, graffiti that says “Xi Jinping Go to Hell” written with ball-pen and marker pen appeared three times on the 4/F, 5/F, 8/F and 9/F of Kam Kwai House. The secretary guard of the block informed the police about the graffiti, and the police categorised it as a criminal damage case and is handled by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). The case, however, was later on been regarded as more serious and was passed to the the Regional Crime Unit.

After watching the CCTV records, detectives did not see any suspects entering or leaving the building, hence believed the act was done by a resident of the block. The police sent individuals disguised as residents of the block to wait for the suspect on 17th April. The suspect arrested, Lam (46 years old), was found lurking in the stairwell around 8pm on the 18th and it was suspected that he intended to commit his crime again. He was arrested on site and marker pens were found in his pocket. More marker pens, which are suspected to be related to the crime, were found at his apartment. According to a source, Lam works in the property management sector, and has committed similar crimes before. The police are investigating his motive.



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